Do you recognize your 808s from her 1738? Why is Drake running through the six? We define hip hop's numbers.

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2. Bey sure likes the number four

For Bey and also Jay, the number four holds special significance. Beyoncé’s date of birth is Sept. 4, if Jay-Z’s is Dec. 4; the 2 married ~ above April 4 in 2008; lock have matching “IV” tattoos on your wedding fingers; and Beyoncé called her recent album 4. In addition, fans have speculated the the couple's first child’s name, Ivy, is also a reference to the Roman character IV.


3. Why is Drake constantly shouting out the number forty?

Perhaps the most recurrent number in Drake’s lyrics is the number 40, a shoutout to his long-time producer and friend young name “40” Shebib. In one interview, 40 described that he obtained the nickname while working on his very first major label task for Canadian rapper Jelly Stone: “Those guys used to autumn asleep in the studio... And also wake up at 10 AM and also I’d still be working. And also they’d be prefer “Your work never stops. You work-related for 40 Days and also 40 Nights.”


4. Spotted the number on YG's placard?

If girlfriend look closely, the placard i m sorry YG attract in the mocked-up mugshot because that the sheathe of his debut album has a number ~ above it. Underneath the album’s title, ‘My Krazy Life’, is the number 03192009, the date – third March 2009 – that YG obtained signed to Def Jam. In one interview v Urban Daily, YG described that he narrowly avoided a two year jail sentence because that burglary that would have actually resulted in him being incarcerated that day.


5. Why is Kanye keeping it 300?

Ye’s ‘Black Skinhead’ attributes a referral to 300 in that is hook: “I store it 300, favor the Romans / 300 b****s, whereby the Trojans?“. Yes multiple allusions here: firstly, come the same-titled comic book and its movie adaption '300'. Secondly, to the expression “keeping the 100%”, only Kanye is saying he keeps it 300%. Thirdly, a coded shoutout come Chief Keef, who shows up on one more album track, “Hold my Liquor”.

6. Did you clock the number on the cover art of Vince Staples's EP?

The cover art to Vince Staples's an initial official EP, ‘Hell deserve to Wait’ depicts a residence in flames through the number 6500 top top it. It refers to a actual address: 6500 Obispo Ave. In lengthy Beach, the neighbourhood whereby Vince flourished up. ~ above the final track that his mixtape ‘Stolen Youth’, Vince raps “I’m right here to phone call the world I’m from Ramona Park”; 6500 Obispo Ave. Is on the edge of Ramona Park.

7. Future's 56 Nights

Future’s latest mixtape, ’56 Nights’, is a tribute to his friend and also DJ, Esco. After ~ the Atlanta rapper performed at the 2014 Abu Dhabi grand Prix last year, DJ Esco was arrested because that marijuana possession at a surrounding airport. He invested 56 job in jail. Future time the mixtape’s release to coincide v Esco's return home.

8. Why are there 36 chambers, exactly?

Why specifically are there thirty-six chambers in the location of the Wu-Tang Clan’s legendary debut album? together the clan’s de facto leader RZA described to Billboard newspaper in 1996: “…there are nine members, and four chambers in each of your hearts. Ripe times 4 is 36”

9. Jeremih loves 773

The hook to ‘773 Love’, among the greatest hits native Jeremih’s ‘Late Nights through Jeremih’ mixtape, features the inquiry “Won’t you contact 773, 779 LOVE, oh”. Sadly, the phone number 773-779-5683 no belong come Jeremih - lord knows, we've tried ringing – that actually describes two area password in his hometown, Chicago. Unfortunately, it additionally happens to it is in some negative woman's number. In an interview with Billboard, Jeremih reveals the he tried to buy the number indigenous her however his offer was refused.

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10. Kanye's 808s

Kanye’s fourth album, ’808s & Heartbreak’, is named after the Roland TR-808 north machine, the sounds of which you will instantly recognise even if girlfriend haven't heard the the maker that make them before.An additional piece that lesser-known trivia: Kanye taped the album in Hawaii, whereby the telephone code is, coincidentally, 808.

11. What is chef Keef's connection to the number 300?

There room two numbers that appear frequently in Sosa’s lyrics. Firstly, 300 or 3hunna, a recommendation to one area the Chicago and, allegedly, one of the city’s street gangs, black Disciples. The 2nd number the Keef sometimes refers to is 1017, a reference to Gucci Mane’s document label 1017 Brick formation which Keef is affiliated with. As Gucci described in an Instagram post, 1017 is the variety of his so late grandfather’s house.

12. Why is Fetty Wap repping the year 1738?

If you’ve to be listening come Fetty’s smash-hit “Trap Queen” as numerous times together we have, you’ll recognize it opens up with the ad-lib “Remy Boyz / 1738”. Fetty’s new Jersey squad are named Remy Boyz 1738 ~ a premium Rémy boy name cognac. “1738 is the finest liquor in the city district. If you go to the liquor store and also you obtain a party of 1738, the going to be the many expensive Remy… and also that’s what us are, we’re the finest, we’re the best,” Fetty defined to VladTV.