I have actually seen several negative reviews because that the Kelty Ridgeway and quite frankly don"t know the comments. I have had actually my Kelty Ridgeway because that 4 years and use the extensively.

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I have actually been captured in extreme weather in the Smoky Mtns and the tent never failed me. Probably my model was a newer version due to the fact that some the the items defined in various other reviews did no exist on mine tent, such together the screened in room had actually a complete floor, and all of the floors were heavy duty. There is great space and plenty that zip open windows for ventilation once you want it. The lull of collection up is unequaled in any kind of tent i have ever before owned. The just repair ns have had actually to carry out was a fiberglass pole replacement due to the fact that an intoxicated camper dropped on the pole (I lend the tent to part friends). Ns am using the tent again in the Smokies following week for spring Break....It is an alleged to eye a small and ns am looking front to it.So, gift the weird one out there, I love mine Kelty Ridgeway and also am happy I got it for a an excellent price. and I take my camping, backpacking and hiking seriously.--For another opinion, review Camping tent Reviews.com"s Kelty Ridgeway ReviewComment indigenous Anonymousit appears that alot of the reviews are based upon the smaller 3 man tent.... If you have actually one of the enlarge 8 guy tent you must be fine....

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Love my Kelty Ridgeway 8 human Tent

by point of view (Stacy, MN)

we bought ours 8 human being Rideway tent from Cosco about 6 years ago and us love it! i am surprised through the negative rating it has received here. It"s one awesome time - an extremely spacious. And also we room not "serious" campers probably, however we have actually really enjoyed our tent and also have not found zippers to jam quickly or towel to tear. We have entry doors top top every next with lots of windows and a cover that allows you to view out even if it"s raining. Us love the screened room area and keep our food within over night.Editor"s NoteHi Angel,I"m glad you"ve had such a great experience with your Kelty Ridgeway tent. Apparently, within recent years, production of the Kelty Ridgeway tent has actually been outsourced and also is no longer technically a "Kelty" product. It"s a Kelty in name only.As a result, the tent"s quality has substantially decreased. If her Kelty Ridgeway 8 tent has actually lasted girlfriend 6 solid years, i would undertaking to guess that you to buy it prior to the manufacturing switch and also it"s a true Kelty tent.That"s the ideal our editors can come up v here.Comment native AnonymousWe purchase our time at Costco 12 years ago. It has actually kept us and our 2 dogs totally comfortable in high wind and rain. That takes us around 15 minute to collection it up. My husband is 6"5", so us are trying to find one the is a bit taller at facility now, and also it"s difficult to find one the we favor as well. The rainfly is just now getting a pinhole or two, which we are going to patch. Maintaining this tent for our kids and grandkids come use. Only problem is keeping heat when the temp drops in ~ night. An excellent ventilation in hot weather.Comment from CampingMomI bought a 9person Ridgeway Kelty tent from Costco back in 2005ish. Us love ours tent. We use it once a year, and also it"s still going strong. This previous weekend we placed two small tears in it. :-(, but I just patched that w/duct tape. Overall, I would certainly buy this again, other than our family has grown. Ns love the enclosed display screen room. Yes, the zippers sometimes get stuck, yet nothing unusual around a zipper.

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Ridgeway by Kelty Alpine Lake

by Linda (Overton, Nevada)

Love this tent! we are serious campers and also go numerous times a year for number of weeks at a time...with civilization who have an extremely expensive tents. We have actually been v some remarkable wind and rain storms. Every year at the very least one expensive tent is destroyed and Kelty Ridgeway is quiet standing. Everyone desires to recognize where castle can gain one choose ours. The only problem is us can"t find a tent choose it. It is so straightforward to collection up...4 poles...all the exact same size and it is a 10 man tent! i can set it up all by myself while my husband takes treatment of other things. We collection up our queen dimension mattress in the small room (there is still enough room because that our bags) and then the youngsters (if they room there) or the table and chairs and also luggage and camping equipment goes in the larger room. The boy scouts have used it and also this tent also survived a week of 7 boys! We to buy this time at Costco and we have had it for 5 years. ns love it!

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Ridgeway by Kelty - I hate This Tent

by Naomi (Las Vegas, NV USA)

The zippers jam easily. Two of the poles bend on the very first night out. The floor is no well made. I execute like the size, yet it"s a pains to set up with only 2 people.Editor"s NoteSee why Camping time Reviews does not recommend the Kelty Ridgeway tent.

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Kelty Ridgeway Cabin Tent: 8 human being Tent Review

by Cara (Lempster, NH)

execute NOT to buy THE KELTY RIDGEWAY CABIN TENT!!! First, the instruction hand-operated was facility and it take it my husband around 45 minutes to put it increase the first time. Us noticed not only was the floor material cheap (like a straightforward tarp), however it currently had a puncture in it. Second, within 15 minute of it gift up, a pole bending in half and snapped! Yes, it to be a publicly day, however come on! Third, fifty percent an hour later, among the key support strings snap in half! Thankfully, we were may be to get a complete refund, yet a rubbish of time! Oh, and it is heavy (almost 30 pounds!).I would never, ever before recommend the Kelty Ridgeway Cabin time to anyone. EVER.Comment indigenous BrianMy children (8, 10, 12, and 14) set the time up themselves in less than 15 minutes all the time. It has survived 30 or for this reason nights so much with no rips or tears with some ugly wind and also rain. Correct it is heavy yet it"s an 8 human tent.Recently us did break one of the main poles (kids... Gift kids) and kealty changed it for 10 bucks consisting of shipping.

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Ridgeway by Kelty Highlander Style: You acquire What You salary For

through Cathie Leslie (Lehigh Acres, Florida)

among my favorite things around the Ridgeway by Kelty Highlander format is it"s simple setup.It sustained heavy Florida downpoors the rain with minimal water intrusion (that was an extremely nice). However it needs an ext storage compartments. An electrical opening would"ve to be nice instead of having actually to store the wires in ~ the zipper openings. We found the fiberglass rods to be an extremely weak. After only one setup we had to change two major poles.Seams ~ above the canopy ripped in ~ tie down. No access to replacement components on-line, which is an inconvenience in that itself. We had actually our Eddie Bauer tent for 6 years and also had NO troubles at all various other than our family outgrew it, and the Highlander appeared to it is in alot of tent for the money, but you obtain what you pay for. This is no a negative tent, however it is not the best. I would go earlier to Eddie Bauer products!!

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Kelty Ridgeway 3 person Tent has Treated Me Right!

by Spud (Olympia, WA)

I"ve had actually this strapped on the earlier of my motorcycle for 3 summer trips, brought it in mine sailboat for island camping in Puget Sound, and also used that for auto camping more often 보다 I have the right to remember. It"s constantly given me great service through no problems. Possibly I just gained lucky with this one, yet for me, it"s been great.

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