Antonio Vivaldi is recognized as the “Father of the Concerto”. End his career he composed over 450 concertos, both in solo and grosso form. Through as numerous as the wrote, he solidified the structure of the form: three activities in a FAST-SLOW-FAST tempo organization.

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His most famous concertos space La Quattro Stagioni (The four Seasons). And also of those La Primavera (The Spring) is the biggest hit. Each of this concertos is a solo concerto because that violin. During his time, as soon as performing this works, Vivaldi would certainly act together conductor and soloist for the performance. Keep in mind, our modern concept of the conduct was not define until the Romantic Era (1800s).

Characteristically, concertos of the Baroque duration including Vivaldi’s, the an initial and third movements are written in what is known as ritornello form. The ritornello meaning return, or refrain, play by the orchestra would alternating with solo sections for the featured player to show off their skills. Listening to the very first movement of Spring, you’ll hear this alternation 5 time, through a last ritornello to finish the piece. The 3rd movement is in the same type but shorter three alternations that orchestra/soloist followed by a final ritornello. To assist describe the form, let’s speak to the orchestra section A, and also the solo sections B. So the form of the very first movement is AB-AB-AB-AB-AB-A; and also the 3rd movement AB-AB-AB-A.

A distinct characteristic the Vivaldi’s four Seasons is the they are an early example of what are referred to as programmatic works. Programmatic an interpretation a piece has a created story the is to be portray in the music heard. This can by based upon a book, play, poem, etc. End the years, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has been a constant story used for programmatic works. For the 4 Seasons, Vivaldi created a brief poem because that each movement of every concerto.

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Vivaldi’s poem for Spring:


Vivaldi provides these poems come tell his story in music. He pulls some affect from opera, and also its usage of word painting. Though normally attached with vocal works, Vivaldi use message painting, aka word painting, portray the scenes and also sounds the Spring. Listen closely for the (1st mvmt) to sing birds, murmuring streams, thunder and also lightning, (2nd mvmt) be sure in an open field, and (3rd mvmt) festive celebration event of the coming of the season.

What kind of results do friend hear from the strings to illustrate these sounds and also characters?