In the 1970s, after McDonald’s introduced Ronald but prior to Wendy’s introduced the yonsi “Where’s the Beef?” lady, the Jack in the box fast-food chain featured commercials v a cherubic Rodney Allen Rippy, no much more than 4, attempting to bite into a Jumbo Jack.

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“It’s too huge to eat!” states the tot, proper distinguishable because of the food in his mouth. (See commercial in video clip below.)

How famed did cute tiny Rodney become? sufficient for Tonight Show hold Johnny Carson to mention him in monologues. Enough for Michael Jackson, that was 10 years Rodney’s senior, to befriend him at the time.

A 1995 graduate of California State University-Dominguez Hills, according to his linked In profile, Rippy has operated his own public relations firm, Ripped Marketing Group. But now he has political ambitions.

Running for market of the Los Angeles ar city the Compton (pop. 96,000-plus), Rippy has actually a campaign website and also a Facebook page (1,678 favor it together of midday Tuesday), and a slogan: “Investing in me is an invest in Compton’s future.”

In comments to Los Angeles terminal KABC, Rippy claimed of his campaign, “A many of initially thought this was something the wasn’t true, however it is yes, really true, and so I’m excited.”

And he’s serious. Together promised ~ above his flier, “Things ns will lug to Compton: • Job creation • environment-friendly & BioTech breakthrough • Re-think education and learning Enhancements • wellness & health • Financial education and learning Benefits.”

According come the Los Angeles Times, Compton stands in ~ a crossroads, and the major election on April 16 is a crucial one.

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The newspaper reports the although when riddled with violence, Compton’s crime rate has actually plummeted in the past decade, especially where homicides space concerned. But the promise of economic advancement, as evidenced by the opening of chain stores, is being endangered by a gaue won meltdown at City Hall.

As that stands, Rippy faces some formidable competition. Jacquelyn Deloatch, a bail bondswoman that is however one mayoral candidate in the really crowded field – as well as Rippy and also Deloatch, the Times perform at the very least six other contenders – has announced: “I am the Moses the God sent out to this community. Ns am saying to the management that assumed they to be leading us, let my civilization go.”

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