Lintels Rusted or Corroded – What room they

Most homeowners, more than likely don’t understand what a lintel is, let alone the they should be maintained and not rusted or corroded.

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A lintel is a beam supporting masonry over an opening in a wall, such together a window or door opening. Lintels may be make of wood, stonework or steel. Too many of houses in ours area that have actually brick or rock walls have steel lintels.

The Brick academy of America (BIA), steel lintels will need maintenance to prevent corrosion.Corrosion, additionally known as rust when the term is used to steel lintels, causes the lintel to broaden or bloom. The widening lintel exerts press on the neighboring brick or rock work, leading to cracks and also movement. I check out this a lot, also in homes that are otherwise an extremely well maintained.That’s why keeping steel lintels are crucial in a appropriate maintained home.

It has become a reasonably common practice to cap the lintels with aluminum and also seal them through caulk. Looks good, yet this practice may do an ext harm 보다 good. By trapping moisture in ~ the wall surface assembly, we promote quite than inhibit rust. Again we revolve to the BIA for guidance. They advise that proper consideration must always be offered to moisture manage wherever there are openings in stonework walls. There must always be a mechanism to channel the flow of water, present in the wall, to the outside. A absence of flashing and also weep feet in the original building and construction may limit the flow of water to the outside. Capping and also caulking may make problem worse.

The BIA does not carry out specifics on just how to preserve steel lintels. So, those a responsible homeowner come do?

When I uncover evidence that rusty steel lintels, I usually recommend the they be cleaned, primed and painted to mitigate the hazard of further destruction that could require costly repair. Usage high quality paint specifically formulated for use on exterior steel surfaces. Expose any kind of metal lintels that are capped in aluminum or are an in similar way concealed. Repair any kind of damage to the surrounding masonry.

By the way, painting the lintels v the exact same paint used for the exterior wood trim won’t obtain the task done. Frequently the rust will certainly bleed best through the paint.


If the lintels are enabled to continue to rust and also deteriorate, lock will ultimately need to be replaced – a procedure much much more costly 보다 paint. If the lintel is sagging noticeably or if damage to the lintel or the surrounding stonework is severe or if difficulties recur in spite of maintenance efforts, the lintel may need to it is in replaced. In the case, the use of galvanized steel lintels and/or boosted flashing techniques may serve to prolong the life the the new lintel. Discuss these options with your masonry contractor.

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During a professional home inspection, central Virginia home Inspections will check the readily accessible, visually observable materials of the wall surface structure and cladding. If proof of rusty metal lintels, it will certainly be detailed in the home inspection report.