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If a law enforcement officer stops a vehicle for a website traffic violation and finds a front seat passenger 17 year of period or younger not wearing a chair belt, a seat belt violation will certainly be charged to A.) The front seat passenger.B.) The driver.C.) no the driver no one the front chair passenger.

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If a legislation enforcement officer stops a vehicle for a website traffic violation and also finds a front-seat passenger 18 year of age or older no wearing a safety belt, a safety and security belt violation will certainly be fee to:A.) The front chair passenger.B.) The driver.C.) no the driver no one the front seat passenger.D.) Both the driver and also the front-seat passenger
throughout a traffic avoid if a front-seat passenger 18 years of period or younger is no wearing a safety and security belt, that is charged with the violation?If a passenger under 18 is not restrained by a chair belt or child safety and security seat, that is legally in ~ fault?A.) The front seat passenger.B.) The driver.C.) neither the driver nor the front seat passenger.D.) Both the driver and also the front-seat passenger
If a passenger that is 18 years of age or older is not wearing a chair belt, the __________ will certainly be charged v the violation. A.) passengerB.) driverC.) pedestrians
Who can be charged v a violation if a fourteen-year-old front-seat passenger is not wearing a chair belt?A.) PassengerB.) DriverC.) Pedestrians
If a front passenger over 18 is not restrained by a seat belt, the or she is legally in ~ fault..A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
No human shall run a motor car unless the driver and all occupants over the age of 16 are restrained through a seatbelt.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
youngsters are typically around age _____ once they can start to fit the vehicle lap-shoulder belt.A.) 8 and 12B.) 2 and 4C.) 10 – 12 and also 4"9" tallD.) 10 – 12 and over 60 pounds
just wearing a lap-and-shoulder belt mix can reduced your opportunity of being killed by ____________.A.) 50%B.) 100%
any person who operates a passenger automobile is equipped with security belts _____ usage them.A.) is required toB.) is not required to
Children in between ages 1 - 4 and also between 20 - 40 lbs can be in front facing automobile seats in the front of the vehicle.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
FALSEEXPLANATION: Children in between ages 1 - 4 and between 20 - 40 lbs have the right to be in former facing car seats in the back of the vehicle.
FALSEChildren between the ages of 4 - 8 have to use a booster chair belt just in the earlier of the vehicle.
A child deserve to use a seat belt once they room ____ customs tall and also weigh ____ lbs
ANS: 58, 80 True or false: children are too tiny to be defended by a chair belt alone.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
True or false: it is unlawful to run a vehicle unless every passenger under 18 years of age is properly restrained by a security belt or child seat.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
research on the effectiveness of child safety and security seats has found them to mitigate fatal injury in motor car accidenst by much more than ________ percent for babies (less than 1 year old).A.) 20B.) 40C.) 70
A young child deserve to use a convertible boy seat till he or she weighs _____ pounds.A.) 20B.) 30C.) 40D.) 50
once can youngsters move on to utilizing a security belt rather of a child safety seat?When can kids move top top to utilizing a security belt?A.) period four and 4 feet 9 inches tallB.) period six and also 5 feet tallC.) age eight or 4 feet 9 inch tallD.) every one of the above
Age eight or 4 feet 9 inch tallEXPLANATION: once the son is at the very least eight years old OR at the very least 4 feet 9 inches high she/he might use an proper safety belt instead. Youngsters under the age of two who weigh much less than 40 pounds and are much less than 40 inches tall need to be secured in a rear facing child security seat that meets federal safety standards, in the back of the vehicle. Kids who exceed 2 year of age, weigh much more than 40lbs, and are taller than 40 inches, execute not have to be placed rear-facing (they may be inserted forward-facing), however must still it is in secured in a child safety and security seat ideal for your size and age, in the earlier of the vehicle.
When should a son be in a safety and security seat?
A.) till they outgrow it.B.) till they space 4 years old and also 40 pounds.C.) until they space 5 years old and 50 pounds.D.) until they are at the very least 8 year old or 4" 9" in height.
youngsters under ____ years however weighing 60 pounds or more must be properly secured in a son passenger restraint device or security belt.A.) 6B.) 1C.) 2D.) 3
it is necessary for youngsters 12 years of age or younger come ride on the behind seat that a vehicle.A.) TRUEB.) FALSE
Which son is compelled to be in a child security seat?A.) 3 year oldB.) 5 year oldC.) 6 year oldD.) every one of the above E.) nobody of the above
A child should be in a car seat if he/she isA.) eatingB.) under 2 years oldC.) under 4 year oldD.) misbehavingE.) end 10 year old
any type of passenger under the period of __ must be correctly restrained nevertheless of whereby they room seated in the vehicle.A.) 18B.) 10
If a passenger in a vehicle you room driving is under the age of 16, who"s obligation is that to see he/she is wearing a seatbelt?A.) Police officerB.) Passenger sit in the vehicleC.) department of motor Vehicles (DMV)D.) The driver is responsible for the passenger
youngsters must journey in an approved child passenger restraint mechanism unless they...A.) are eight year of period or older, or 4’9” or taller.B.) have a measurable IQ that 160 or greater.C.) undertake a federally authorized crash helmet.D.) have the right to tie their shoes on their own.
follow to Buckle increase America, rear-facing infant seats should be put in the earlier seat from bear to at least ________ old and at least 20 come 40 pounds.ANSWER: 1 to 4 years
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