"We don"t have actually a clue, however if the ain"t true, it need to be."

Published4 November 2000

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An anecdote (of unknown origin) about an orphaned girl who sees a picture of Jesus in Sunday school and also identifies him together the man who comforted her the night her father eliminated her mother and himself is a fairly typical example of glurge:

There was an atheist couple who had actually a daughter. The couple never told their daughter anything about the Lord.

One night, once the small girl was 5 years old, the parents dealt with with each other and also the dad shot the mom, ideal in prior of the child. Then, the dad shoot himself. The little girl watched that all.

She was sent out to a foster home. The foster mother was a Christian and also took the boy to church. ~ above the an initial day the Sunday School, the foster mom told the teacher the the girl had actually never heard that Jesus, and to have patience with her. The teacher hosted up a photo of Jesus and also said, “Does anyone understand who this is?”

The small girl said, “I do. That’s the guy who to be holding me the night my parental died.”

The details example would certainly ordinarily be unremarkable conserve for one facet: In 2000 it to be turned right into a smash fight by Nashville songwriter Harley Allen and also country singer man Michael Montgomery:

The song, titled “The tiny Girl,” to be penned through Allen after his brothers forwarded him the above-quoted text via e-mail. “It moved me an ext than I’d been relocated in years by a story,” Allen said. “I got the guitar and just started writing. It didn’t take any time in ~ all, about 10 to 15 minutes.”

According come USA Today, “Allen says he and his brother have tried to track the tale’s source, without any luck. It’s post on dozens of internet sites — usually with a location such together ‘Held through Jesus’ or ‘And the tiny Child Shall command Them’ — with no attribution. ‘We don’t have a clue” about its origin, Allen says, “but if that ain’t true, it need to be."”

Folklore is replete v tales of youngsters who can see — and are conserved by — valuable spirits, Jesus, or God, that guide and also protect innocents from the deprivations of angry adults. The predatory adults in such stories are typically presented as non-religious or specifically non-Christian, when the young victims are characterized as gift blamelessly non-religious due to the fact that they space too young and unknowing to have actually yet do the conscious an option to expropriate God and Jesus.

A strange coincidence regarded this track was that an additional country singer, Allison Moorer, exit a new album (The Hardest Part) the very same day as john Michael Montgomery come out with his album (Brand new Me) on which “The small Girl” appeared. Moorer’s release likewise included a song (“Cold, Cold Earth,” the final, covert track) around a father who shot his wife and then turn the gun on himself, only in Moorer’s situation the story to be all also true — the man and wife were her parents:

Moorer and also Lynne were adolescents when their father murdered their mother and also then shot himself. On the new record’s hidden track, “Cold Cold Earth,” Moorer addresses the tragedy for the first time, telling the story with an nearly clinical detachment. The the just song on the document she composed alone, and the only one on i m sorry she doesn’t song in the first person.

Moorer hid the track due to the fact that she didn’t desire the potentially tabloid-y nature that the song to overshadow the rest of the record. “Because the the means that drama and trauma and the soap opera aspect of people’s lives gets treated in the press, ns didn’t want that to it is in the whole story,” she says, return she to know that many Nashville journalists have focused on small else. “Someone dubbed me naive, and also I might be. i was all set for a specific amount that questions about it, and if i hadn’t been ready to talk around it, I never would have actually put that song on the record. Ns wouldn’t say, ‘OK, i’m going to song this, but don’t you dare ask me a question about it.’ That’s not fair. That’s not fair in ~ all.”

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