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Experience an authentic and also divertidsima adventure. Pick from an ext than 20 characters: Picachu, Megaman, Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Tails ...


Enjoy this new improved version of at sight Smash Flash. With brand-new characters to play together Kirby, Mario, Sonic, Zelda, donkey Kong or come the personalities of Dragon sphere graphics and fighting lock are additionally improved. Have fun large with every the personalities in this play adapted from the famed Super stop Bros. You have the right to play alone or in groups.


Become the creator that Sonic. Girlfriend can produce thousands of scene with personalities from Sonic. You have many elements and also scenarios to select from.


Sonic game classics of video clip game consoles on your computer. Select your character and live lot of adventures collecting all the ring gold and avoiding adversaries want to kill you.


Sonic has acquired into the labyrinth of the ghosts to present that it has actually nothing come envy the well known come-coconuts.


Finally involves your screen standard Sega video game consoles. Friend can regulate Sonic and also his friends and explore your fantasy human being full of adventures. Operation as fast as you can and jump the obstacles in her path, without forgetting the golden rings that float in the air, and get extra points. Sound easy, however driving this little blue hedgehog is a little more complicated than in rule appears.

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Become the creator of Sonic. You can produce thousands of scenes with characters from Sonic. Friend have plenty of elements and scenarios to choose from.

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