Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Soundtrack list (2012) – tracklist for every season bespeak by episodes, together the music appears in the show, including all songs. Sons the Anarchy (Season 5) – illustration 13 – “J’ai Obtenu Cette” s05e13 Consequenses through Vanessa Daou once Nero & Gemma space talking and also Jax arrives. Nero walks out to speak come Jax Sympathy for the evil one by Jane’s Addiction final Scene as soon as Tara is being arrested for conspiracy to murder. (Thanks to Gemma) No Problema by Los Rakas throughout the Pitbull struggle in Dante’s wharehouse Slipping away by Barcelona Chucky Walks right into Office gives Gemma “Tara’s” flower Rich man by Brutal Jooks opened Garage Scene v Juice & Clay elevator Me up (Music indigenous the Tv present Sons of Anarchy) through The Bihlman Bros. To Sir through Love by Katey Sagal & The woodland Rangers opened Montage by Katey Sagal & The woodland Rangers Fuego by Los Rakas not correct Song. Correct song is by Proyecto TQ westward by Ocha De La Rocha Too lot Sorrow through The Greenhornes Jax & Juice scene Fuego by Proyecto TQ Dante-chase, dogfight from the west by Ocha la Rocha Sons that Anarchy (Season 5) – illustration 12 – “Darthy” s05e12 The Whislter by The White Buffalo last montage at end of illustration Coconut Wireless by Moonalice Old Devils by william Elliott Whitmore Jordan by competitor Sons The Whistler by The White Buffalo Played during the last montage the the illustration ( neglect the previous entrance the web links are dead) Dystopia (The planet Is on Fire) through YACHT Clays tattoo remove Sons the Anarchy (Season 5) – episode 11 – “To Thine very own Self” s05e11 sky by man Moreland throughout the last scene where Jax is confessing come Chibs and Bobby, goes right into Bobby and Clay’s conversation. Several of Adam’s Blues by The Quaker City Night falken Bitch by toxicity Holocaust Jax and also his boys fulfill with nero’s males for weapon’s transaction . Climate comes the warmth … heavy by Ocha la Rocha when Jax speak Juice he requirements the Docs delight by Supafly in ~ Plays in ~ Neros bourdelle. 18 Summers Old by The great Looks simply This next Of Insane by Keaton Simons True Blue through Michael Sackler-Berner Ain’t No surprise by Leopold and also his Fiction Sons the Anarchy (Season 5) – illustration 10 – “Crucifixed” s05e10 role On – Mike Zito payment (feat. Los Rakas) – mountain Quinn vacation – The Howls remote Ride – Alison Mosshart & The woodland Rangers good American Scumbag – Halfway to unable to do Hero & Hell – Keaton Simons Sons of Anarchy (Season 5) – illustration 9 – “Andare Pescare” s05e09 every My Kinfolk by Beitthemeans Not now by Preacher rock Lights by Battleme & The woodland Rangers lamp by Battleme & The forest Rangers closing song. Jax follows Juice as the close up door credits role. The devil In miss out on Jones by Mike Ness begin of the operation / at about 13 minutes once the Sons room leaving the shop. Down In the sink by The Head and the heart By and By through Pete Peterson Again FX Mislabeled A track – The Actual song Title is “I’ll get You taking leave & Bye” Hali’s Comet through Hopeless Jack & The Handsome Devils I’ll gain you bye and bye by Pete Peterson Sons of Anarchy (Season 5) – illustration 8 – “Ablation” s05e08 Ain’t lot Left that Me by Blackberry smoke Disfruto by Carla Morrison jax and also gemma talk at the end, closing tune What’s it All about by tiny Leo Jax, Tigs, Bobby and Chibs chop the hands off a dead guy that tried to shoot them. Break ‘Em turn off by Pettidee (FX Network shows this together a song. Yet this is the track “Represent” by Pettidee) represent by Pettidee feat. Duece Poppito Jax and crew chasing a Brotha come the roof the a building while having actually gun play. All go up, one come down. Sons the Anarchy (Season 5) – illustration 7 – “Toad’s Wild Ride” s05e07 been Away Too long by Soundgarden follow scene (gang chases car) then gun fight. Tune starts in ~ approx. 16:24 (1:45 length). Ain’t No boy by The Quaker City Night hawks Neros crew chasing jax and also chibs Headlights by Justin Warfield opening scene standing On a bridge by Garrett Morgan Clay and Tara talk. Time is approx. 14:36. Track is at an extremely low volume. The Passenger by Iggy popular music The critical Scene who Gemma Drives with Jack’s kids… The Passenger by Iggy pop Closing montage lines by The Dalles Bobby and also Tara talking around Otto in the clubhouse Room where Noboby go by Gregg Sutton Love much more Than anything by Sweetwater & the Satisfaction play in the background at the new Diosa Sons that Anarchy (Season 5) – episode 6 “Small World” s05e06 Cold Blues by The Quaker City Night falken Played in ~ the very end when Clay to walk in the house and yells at the guys and also punches Greg the Peg load by The Howls In the background at the bar once Gemma sits alone drinking a shot and also a beer It’s a little World by Music Box throughout scene whereby Jax kills the jail guard Go straightforward by Lucero with Our Love through Paul Rodgers The finish by john Berry Manana Manana through Gene Casey playing in background as soon as prison safety is getting a beer out of fridge and SAMCRO shows up Cold Blues by Quaker City Nighthawks play at the very end when Clay go in the house and yells in ~ the guys and punches Greg the Peg Sons of Anarchy (Season 5) – episode 5 “Orca Shrugged” s05e05 Wild and Lonesome through Shooter Jennings as soon as opies casket to be being brought out The Unclouded job (From “Sons that Anarchy”) through Audra Mae closeup of the door montage. Start at end meeting through Hale and plays v Jax covering up resting Tara and also Gemma and then opened cooler in kitchen, etc. Sky Is In her Mind by CC Coletti Slim Pickens by The Sheepdogs right after Jax insults Galen with the Catholic bullets and gangster that Christ. When they’re bare knuckle brawling. Good Intentions by Bob Neuwirth You carry out You by Sweetwater & the Satisfaction The Promised soil by Jimmie Wood’s Parish The Unclouded job by Audra Mae & The woodland Rangers played at the end of the illustration The lost Boy by Greg Holden close up door montage the Opie’s Wake. Sons the Anarchy (Season 5) – episode 4 “Stolen Huffy” s05e04 Mr. 44 by The Chimpz as soon as Jax is obtaining Chased by The Mexicans and also falls turn off his Bike with the Hooker right into the mar Statues and also they want a Tittie and also a ignorance to prove she is dead The shed Boy by Greg Holden Opie’s Funeral black color Water by The Coppertone ? bound To discover You out by Slowtrain Clay and also Gemma in the load room at the clubhouse. Unlimited Talk by Wild Flag Grim reaper by Keaton Simons It’s difficult to do Love to an American by The Ike Reilly Assassination last scene The lost Boy by Greg Holden Opie Sons that Anarchy (Season 5) – episode 3 “Laying Pipe” s05e03 Mama song by Keaton Simons Beating Dead horses by mojo chimpanzees Playing when men are in clubhouse having a drink at the bar and additionally when Gemma traction up. The topic of discussion is even if it is or not the guys got protection inside 3rd and Seneca by sunlight Kil Moon place Me down by Cold Specks opies funeral The shed Boy through Greg Holden illustration 4. As soon as they’re carrying/following the casket the end of the clubhouse and also into the hearse, till it fades come black. Sons that Anarchy (Season 5) – episode 2 “Authority Vested” s05e02 Righteous exhilaration by Monster Truck we Don’t need Love songs by Fitz & The Tantrums playing in the background once Jax proposes to Tara that they should acquire married. Soldiers eyes by Jack Savoretti end of episode as soon as Opie punches the sheriff and also goes come jail through Jax Steel home Blues by Hayes Greenfield 2nd scene after first commericial rest – Pope’s office all or nothing by Attika 7 playing at Teller-Morrow garage- Unser is talking to Wade around home invasion, Gemma phone call Unser in and then the marital relationship license is delievered Unamonos by Claroscuro throughout the Nero/Jax vehicle chase.

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Sons that Anarchy (Season 5) – episode 1 “Sovereign” s05e01 greater Ground (from boy of Anarchy) by Franky Perez & The forest Rangers at the start, after ~ Jax’s monologue. Your man by The Vim Dicta steed Latitudes by Jeffrey Foucault He obtained Away (from sons of Anarchy) by young name Gunderson & The woodland Rangers end of episode