A full of 50 states make up the country of the United says of America, 4 of which have names which start with the letter A. These four states, which incorporate Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, and also Alabama, are located in various parts the the country. The location of the 4 states is not the just thing the differentiates them as they have various histories, demographics, and cultures.


Arizona is nestled on the southeastern component of the country and occupies an area of around 0.114 million square miles. The state’s many populous city is also its capital, Phoenix, i beg your pardon is residence to over 1.44 million people. Interestingly, Arizona was originally part of Mexico’s Alta California Territory. The state and much that Alta California would become part of the united state in the after-effects of the Mexican-American battle of the mid-19th century. To take up sovereignty over Arizona, the united state in 1848 paid Mexico $15 million i m sorry is indistinguishable to over $0.42 billion in 2017. At the moment Arizona was part of the are of brand-new Mexico and only came to be a state in 1912.


Covering one area of end 0.66 million square miles, Alaska is by much the biggest state in the country. To placed the state’s size in perspective, the second-largest state Texas is much less than fifty percent the dimension of Alaska. However, through a population of fewer 보다 0.8 million people, the state is amongst the the very least populous in the country. Many of the state is remote, and also the mass of the population is uncovered in that is two largest cities, Anchorage and also Fairbanks. The population density the the state is much less than 2 persons per square mile. The us purchased the region from the Russian realm in 1867 in ~ the expense of $0.02 per acre. The state is also notable for having actually the northernmost and westernmost part of the country.

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Alabama is situated southeast the the country and also covers an area of 52,419 square miles. The state is residence to an estimated 4.86 million world which converts to a populace density of around 95 persons per square mile. V a population of end 0.212 million people, Birmingham is the largest city in the state. With inland rivers being more than 1,500 miles, the state has an ext waterways than any other in the country. The state is called after the Alabama river which in turn is called after the native inhabitants of the region, the Alabama people. The state to be originally component of Mississippi and gained statehood in 1819.


One the the says situated in the southern US is Arkansas. The state gets its name from the Osage civilization who are aboriginal residents that the state. The state is average-sized (relative to other US states) as it consists an area that 53,180 square miles. Arkansas is home to over 3 million inhabitants. Tiny Rock, the state capital, is house to an approximated 0.193 million world making the the state’s most populous city. The state to be originally recognized as the Arkansas Territory and also gained statehood in June 1826. Among the notable people from Arkansas is former President bill Clinton.

Comparison of the 4 States

Of the four states who names start with the letter A, Alaska is the largest (covering one area of 0.66 million square miles) if the smallest in size is Alabama (covering one area that 52,419 square miles).

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The most populous of the four states is Arizona while the least populous of lock is Alaska.