Go difficult Or go Home

by Stomp The yard soundtrack

on all Day i Dream around Smoking (2019), Stomp The Yard

(feat. The Federation)Introducing...E-40...the almighty...707...RickRock...Federation...(Whoooooo)Go Hey hey.Go difficult Ooh...Verbal vomit...I store one ~ above itNot the scrill but you can contact me ebonicsSideshows goin nutty dumbin outTake the wrong turn and also get your roof stomped outOld institution vans doors open, me and my coupeAnd some stoners we obtain high choose Shaggy indigenous Scooby DooI"m whiskeyed, I"m hit, ns ain"t go no patienceBut I"m a couple tacos quick of a combinationOoh...Get on your head like a shavel ? indigenous the gravelWhen them scams dope transaction be goin southLook exactly how swivel the steel flower desire the quick quarter fuck usfor niggas 6 bucks an hourFrom the rooter come the tooter He"s the driver I"m the shooterDon"t it is in fuckin through my goonOrgasms, high pots, and trill phones, sidekicks and also ringtonesGo hard or walk homeGo hard...Go hard or go home? come the moon i coon prefer high schoolMy goons take it no prisoners...what foolWhat"s beef. (Niggas want E-40 on a fat verse)Swingin v the drive-thru, quit the frontJackin" off. If you"re native the Yay, that"s what.Open increase the doors, walk (go) ?Sick, Monkey on my backPsychos on my milk, won"t let me goDown my throat, correct (yes), cuz (cuz), buzz (buzz)What (what), ns (I), walk (go), numb (numb)Slack folks like Droop-E tooPut thumb on the ago like rick on the NPCWe jumpin on the top, man, scrape hella cool3 or 4 niggas tryina cavern in a roomLittle purp, cuss like a sailorHand on my belt in the 2-man tailorGet rich, hate being boldMy bitch save askin for juicy ?In the club, you recognize we strapped upMy white tee shirt look like coke covering upForces and also jeans, can"t undertake slacksGot great hair, brand-new wave capSmoke block, standin on the curbSame niggas through me ns been knowin due to the fact that the 3rdTryna acquire it, suck bein bummyNever should"ve offer you niggas moneyMy bitch wanna watch drop H"sGrind more than Haitians or JamaicansAin"t about money, climate ain"t acquired patienceDon"t lug money, then don"t have relationsSome prefer Hannibal, I"m a mammalAin"t with monkeys like Mike and EmmanuelChange the channel, rearrange panels0-7 like the perm old cabbyAnd this babby she don"t bring pattiesShe can"t journey shotgun in the ? CaddyPull mine nigga in, permit him counting paintDon"t cut him off prefer J walk DaneSick Wit It

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