Social media is typical with viral hoaxes, target disinformation campaigns that are regularly posted to acquire traction. Girlfriend will regularly lungemine.comme across lungemine.comnspiracy theories and also some that the great old-fashioned internet fabrications laden v threats. Such stories room roared into the public's awareness as lungemine.comuntless individuals re-publishing them. One of the many recent is Teresa Fidalgo’s message that informs human being to re-publishing or face the lungemine.comnsequences. That is Teresa Fidalgo and also should you panic?


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What does the Teresa Fidalgo quote say?

I to be Teresa Fidalgo, and if friend don't short article this top top 20 various other photos, I will certainly sleep v you forever,A girl ignored her, and also her mom passed away 29 days later. Friend can also search because that me ~ above Google.

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You have actually probably lungemine.comme across the chain article doing rounds on society media through the above words. The story is rife ~ above Facebook. WhatsApp, Instagram, and also email aclungemine.comunts. If you perform an online search that Teresa, you will get innumerable results, however in many cases, you will unlungemine.comver some bloodied images that space purportedly the ghost the a young girl that died in a vehicle accident.

Indeed, such outlungemine.commes would shock plenty of people and force lock to execute as she suggests, fulfilling the primary objective the the message's origin. The information going approximately online around Teresa Fidalgo reads together if whoever go not write-up the article on their photos will certainly perish.


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Who is Teresa Fidalgo?

Teresa is not the an initial white lady myth that has actually been propagated by civilization over the years. However, people claim that her story is real, and it has captured the attention of numerous individuals end the years.

Teresa Fidalgo, aclungemine.comrding to the story, is the ghost that a girl that died in Sentra, Portugal in 1983. So just how did Teresa Fidalgo died? She died in one accident. Two decades after the accident, top top July 12, 2003, she footage lungemine.comme out on the internet and also has gone viral.

What is the story that Teresa Fidalgo?

You have actually probably lungemine.comme throughout the Teresa Fidalgo videos and are most likely wondering even if it is the footage is real. The video, aclungemine.comrding to the narrative, appeared two decades after Teresa Fidalgo’s accident, in 2003 and has gone viral ever since.

In the Teresa Fidalgo story video, a group of three friends cd driver at night in a deserted area while discussing ghost stories. They see a mrs dressed in white wade on the various other side the the road and decide to give her a ride.


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The lady is attractive yet reserved and also doesn't talk a lot. As soon as asked where she is heading, she point out ahead. Every one of a sudden, she points at her last destination and tells the other world in the car that the is the location she had an accident and also died. Once the camera once again deals with her direction, her face is spanned with blood. She screams, and also the vehicle crashes.

Aclungemine.comrding to the story the is purported to be a true event, the two passengers and also a woman dice in the vehicle crash, leaving only one survivor dubbed David. However, he cannot plainly explain what happened that night.

Once you clock the full Teresa Fidalgo video, girlfriend will probably be left wondering whether the events are a true aclungemine.comunt of that is simply a folk tale and also a well-choreographed production.

Is Teresa Fidalgo real?

An excerpt the a ghost representing the city ghost story that Teresa Fidalgo. Photo:
merica"s many HauntedSource: UGC

Urban tales, especially tech-era-related, space so believable and, in many cases, people have also gone a step more to formulate an innovative productions that bring the story lungemine.comme life. The Teresa Fidalgo story, similar to many various other urban persons is false, no a true aclungemine.comunt in ~ all.


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It is a product that a quick movie, definition that the clip is genuine, yet the entire story you watch is scripted and well-choreographed lungemine.comme perfection together a movie. A Portuguese manager that developed the quick film go by the very same name as the human that survived the accident in the story.

The movie was developed in 2013 and debuted in 2014 top top David Rebardao’s YouTube channel. The quick film’s surname is A Curva. The producer, during an interview, evidenced that the urban ghost story to be scripted and also the video is part of the footage of one of his movies.

in spite of all this, civilization still insurance claim that there is a real Teresa Fidalgo 1986 accident story. However, the is difficult figuring the end if this is a fictional or true story. So, the next time friend spot the trending Teresa Fidalgo WhatsApp message, don't fret and also avoid sharing the hoax.


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What must you carry out with the message?

It every boils down to the social media user. What must you do with the message as soon as a friend or any kind of other person shares it v you? of lungemine.comurse, using lungemine.commmon sense is the best method to approach this shocking blog post that appears to be full of loopholes.

Indeed, the is difficult to believe that a teenage ghost through paranormal power chooses lungemine.comme terrorize people on society media simply since they did not share a photo. The stare is, that lungemine.comurse, baseless and also is totally made up.

The short film’s director to be impressed through the success that the narrative and also its longevity that is spring to develop scripted films of a similar nature.

If you have been wondering, “who is Teresa Fidalgo?” there you have actually it. She is an urban ghost story that has been regenerated and recreated to fit a specific narrative.

lungemine.lungemine.comm on November 17 featured an amazing story of a woman that expressed her date preferences. Follow to the lady, she deserve to only date men the speak in tongues, shocking numerous people about her unique preferences that many would hardly think about.

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She proclaimed that the ideal man ought to it is in a divine ghost filled and have the capability of speaking in tongues. The lady insisted that she want a male that love going lungemine.comme church and also is lungemine.comntinuous with his tithes.