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Florida Drug and also Alcohol test (TLSAE) Course: chapter 7. Significant Traffic legislations - component one7.4. Safety and security Equipment and also Driver ResponsibilitySection 7.4. Security Equipment and also Driver Responsibility


This section covers the prominence of maintaining your vehicle and having all the crucial safety equipment.
Make sure the safety equipment in your car is in an excellent working order and that girlfriend are prepared for any type of emergency breakdown. A sudden vehicle malfunction can reason a significant crash. To stop that, have actually your vehicle checked and maintained regularly. Preventive maintenance will not only aid you prevent crashes resulted in by mechanically failure, but will likewise save girlfriend money. A an easy leak, which expenses a few dollars to deal with can an outcome in thousands of dollars in future repair if you leave it unattended and compromise her safety. If your car"s temperature is climbing or the low oil irradiate flashes while you"re driving, pull over and also stop when it is for sure to execute so. Driving through low coolant or oil might stall her vehicle and could reason irreversible damage to your engine.Be top top alert because that carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when poisonous gases are inhaled and are choose up quickly by the red blood cell at a higher rate than oxygen, impede oxygen from getting into the body. The an outcome can damages body tissues and also cause death. Symptom include: headache, dizziness, confusion, flu-like effects, chest pain, nausea and loss that consciousness. Because the gas is odorless, colorless, and also tasteless, it can be difficult to detect.As a part of your annual vehicle maintenance have your mechanic inspect for any type of defects in your exhaust system. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur because of defects in the muffler and also leaks in the exhaust pipe, tail-pipe, manifold pipe gasket and manifold engine connection. A little leak can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide inside the vehicle.The Florida room of wellness offers these additional tips to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from her vehicle:Never leave an automobile running in a closeup of the door garage or in a garage attached come the home - even with the garage door open.While driving, save the rear home window or tailgate that a car closed, together carbon monoxide indigenous the exhaust deserve to be traction inside.If you suspect you space experiencing any type of symptoms that CO poisoning, open up doors and also windows, turn off gas appliances and go outside. In situations of significant CO poisoning, call the 911 emergency services or speak to the nearest Florida toxicity Information facility at 1-800-222-1222.(Florida room of Health: following is a perform of compelled safety equipment and also why it is required:Rearview mirror
you should gain in the habit the checking your rear watch mirror every three to five seconds, which calls for a high level of alertness.Safety belts


These should be available for the driver and for every passenger; they room your best defense against impaired drivers. A “Properly worn” safety belt method with both straps snugly equipment to transport the affect of the collision to the parts of your body that can take that - her hipbones and shoulder bones. The belt is fastened snugly throughout your hips. With just the shoulder strap on, you can still slide the end from under it and be strangled, if the lap belt alone doesn"t save your face from hitting the steering wheel.

Low beams: illuminate the road ahead the you come 150 feet. High beams: illuminate the roadway to 450 feet. Store headlights clean, check for burned-out bulbs regularly, and make certain to switch back to low beams when you see oncoming drivers.

You have to have electrical turn signals if your vehicle measures more than 24 inches indigenous the center of the optimal of the steering article to the left exterior limit of the body, or when the street from the steering write-up to the rear of the human body or fill is higher than 14 feet.A white license plate light
The light on your patent plate need to make the numbers on the bowl readable indigenous a distance of 50 feet.Two tail lightsThese have to be red in color and also visible 1,000 feet behind your vehicle.Two protect against lightsThese red lights should be watched from 300 feet in the daytime, and also must come on once the foot brake is pressed.Back-up lightYou must have at the very least one white light on the ago of your vehicle that lamp up when you put your car in reverse to warning other chauffeurs that you are backing increase or are about to earlier up.Brake systems

Your auto must have actually two braking systems. Every must be able to stop the vehicle alone. The parking or emergency brake have to be strong enough to hold the vehicle on any hill.Tires

Tires have to not have actually less 보다 a 2/32" tread. You can gauge the depth of your tire treads by inserting a penny into the tread. If you can see Lincoln"s whole head, it"s time because that you come get brand-new tires. Your tires must be inflated to develop maximum contact in between the tires and also the road. Over-inflation will decrease that call area, reducing traction. Under-inflation will put press on the sidewalls of the tires and raise your temperature, i beg your pardon could cause a blowout. You should check the tire"s pressure and also tread wear top top a weekly basis. You should also equalize the wear on your tires by having them rotated every 12,000 miles.Horn

Your automobile must have actually a horn which deserve to be heard indigenous a street of 200 feet.Emissions manage devices

It is illegal to tamper with, remove, or reason not come work any kind of pollution control maker on your vehicle. Those who carry out are guilty the a first or second degree misdemeanor depending on the offense. Tampering through emissions control devices loss your vehicle and can reason increased wait pollution, lower gas mileage and less car efficiency, greater maintenance costs, and respiratory (breathing) difficulties.Windshield

The windshield need to be do of special safety glass and also cannot it is in tinted with any type of film that restricts your view or renders the surface ar reflective. Any crack in the windshield, nevertheless of size, need to be repaired immediately. Even a small chip can violate the integrity of the windshield and cause it come shatter. If you have actually sun visors over your windshield, they need to be non-reflective and also easily relocated out that the way. You can not have any kind of objects attached to her windshield, side or rear home windows that would obstruct her vision. That is against the law to journey with any kind of defective or obstructed windshield or behind window.Windshield wipers
To keep the dirt and also rainwater far from her windshield, girlfriend will require two windshield wipers. Check the wiper fluid and replace the rubber blades regularly.Fluids
Check all her fluids - oil, water, steering, transmission, and brake - regularly. Check and transforming fluids and also light bulbs and also listening for inexplicable noises and also sounds are most likely the easiest and most essential maintenance tips. Driving there is no water or oil can reason thousands the dollars in damages to her engine, yet it only expenses $30 come $45 to change the oil in her vehicle. Friend can include water for free at most service stations.
One that the most overlooked safety attributes in your auto is the headrests. Believe it or not, headrests are not simply for comfort, but are really important safety and security devices. If her headrest is no properly changed and friend are affiliated in a collision, your head could snap back, causing injury, including whiplash. The headrest need to be readjusted so that it fits along the facility of the back of your head.AIRBAGS

One an important safety function in vehicles now is the airbag. Airbags are designed to soften the force of influence during a collision. Many manufacturers download side and rollover airbags as well.Airbags only absorb the initial impact in a collision. If you are involved in a collision in i m sorry your auto hits more than one object, the airbag is just effective throughout the early impact. There is quiet a hazard of sustaining injuries from an additional collisions. Frontal airbags room only efficient in certain varieties of collisions. Airbags will certainly deploy in a head-on collision, but not in a collision that occurs native an angle. The airbag by itself is not sufficient protection; it will only do its project if merged with appropriately worn and properly adjusted headrest and safety belt.How carry out frontal airbags work?
Sensors are located in the front bumper and also must be straight hit (usually in ~ a rate of 10 mph or greater) in order come activate the driver and also front passenger airbags. Sensors for side impact curtains are located on the next of the vehicle.Have you ever seen an airbag activate? once you view an airbag deploy top top television, they present it in super, super slow motion. That looks favor the airbag stays inflated because that a long duration time, yet it doesn"t. An airbag inflates in less time 보다 it takes you to blink your eye (approximately a tenth the a second). It will deflate one 2nd later. Why is that? If the airbag stayed inflated after the initial impact you might be trapped inside the vehicle or unable to drive away. A secondary collision could occur if your vehicle is pushed into one more lane. So, the airbag inflates and also deflates conveniently so you can escape or drive to protect against a 2nd collision.In 2008, the national Highway web traffic Safety management estimates the 2,546 stays were saved by airbags.(NHTSA Traffic safety Facts 2008 - stays Saved in 2008 through Restraint Use and also Minimum Drinking age Laws:"s put couple of things in perspective. The airbag is a very important safety attribute in her car, yet like noþeles else, it might have an adverse impact if not correctly used. Due to the fact that of the force developed when the wait bag inflates, the could cause injuries or death to tiny children and also even to adults (these injuries usually take place when adults room unbelted).Precautions you need to take include:Position her seat as much away native the airbag as possible.Don"t sit any closer than ten inches from the steering wheel.Place kids under 5 in their kid seats in the earlier seat.Children 12 and under should also ride in the ago seat; if you absolutely must location a child in the front seat, relocate the seat as far back as it will go.If you don"t think you can follow these guidelines, you can have one other option. Some more recent cars enable you to install a switch to disconnect her passenger-side air bags. If your automobile doesn"t have that feature, you have the right to take the to her dealership or one authorized mechanic. However, store in mind girlfriend must get permission from the national Highway web traffic Safety administration before you download a kill switch or deactivate the airbag.
All residents of cars, pickup trucks, and also vans who are 6 come 18 years of age must wear chair belts, nevertheless of seating position.Children (infant through 3 years of age) must be correctly secured using a crash-tested, commonwealth approved son restraint device. The restraint machine must it is in a separate carrier.For youngsters (aged 4 through 5 years of age), a separate carrier, booster seat or a chair belt must be used.Drivers will certainly be hosted responsible and fined for passengers under 18 years old who are discovered unrestrained nevertheless of seating position.Effective July 1, 2009, seat belt violations are enforced as a main offense because that drivers. That way the police deserve to stop friend (and ticket you) simply for no wearing your seat belt.
Passengers 18 years and also older who space unrestrained in the front seat can be fined individually.The law exempts the adhering to from chair belt requirements:Any human certified by a physician as having actually a medical problem that causes seat belt use to be unreasonable or dangerous.Employees that newspaper home distribution services, if delivering newspapers on home distribution routes.Passengers on institution buses.Passengers ~ above buses used for transportation of persons for compensation.Riders of farm yard equipment.Drivers of van of a network weight of more than 5,000 pounds.Motorcycle, moped and also bicycle riders.
Wear lap belts approximately your hips, not your stomach. Fasten them snugly. Wear a shoulder belt only with a lap belt. People who wear their shoulder belt under their eight may have a 3rd degree neck burn in the occasion of a collision.Never stay the shoulder belt under her arm, versus your neck or off your shoulder. In a crash, your body would move too much forward. The would increase the opportunity of head and also neck injuries. The belt would likewise apply too much pressure to the ribs or abdomen, which might severely injure interior organs such as your liver or spleen.Don"t just use your security belt for long trips or top top high-speed highways. Much more than half of the collisions that cause injury or death happen in ~ speeds less than 40 mph and within 25 mile of home.Protecting Children
ALL youngsters FIVE year OLD OR YOUNGER need to USE A RESTRAINT machine WHEN riding IN A engine VEHICLEAll infant carriers and also car seats need to be crash-tested and also approved through the U.S. Government.Children being lugged on or riding bicycles must wear appropriately fitted bicycle helmets.Recommended son Restraints
Are you aware that web traffic crashes room the number one killer that young children in this country? This is a very serious issue.In 2008, there were 1,347 web traffic fatalities amongst children age 14 and also younger.
An approximated 46% were unrestrained.(NHTSA Traffic safety Facts 2008-Children: closer look in ~ restraint devices:Child safety Restraint usage Chart(Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety: youngsters Unattended or Unsupervised in engine Vehicles
No human being responsible because that a son younger than six years of age shall leave such child unattended or unsupervised in a motor vehicle for a duration in excess of 15 minutes. No human shall leave a boy unattended because that any period of time if the engine of the car is running or if the health and wellness of the son is in danger.On a warm summer day, the inner of a car can gain dangerously hot. One study uncovered that v the home windows up and the temperature exterior at 94 degrees, the inside of a vehicle could it is in 122 levels in just fifty percent an hour, or 132 levels after one hour. Having actually the window down slightly will certainly only reason a tiny drop in temperature inside the auto - there is no safe method to leaving the boy in the vehicle alone.Here space some amazing statistics:

43 children died in 2008 from being left inside a hot vehicle.Total number of deaths from children left in vehicles, 1998-2009: 431.(Fact Sheet, "Hyperthermia Deaths of children in Vehicles," room of Geosciences, san Francisco State University:
If the chair belt is damaged or under the seat and not available to the passenger, it"s the driver"s responsibility. The driver need to insure the all auto occupants have seat belts available.Why must you wear your seatbelt?
The lot of energy that"s absorbed by the car is related to both the vehicle"s design and also the direction that the impact. Much more and much more high-tech research study and development is being performed to make vehicles much safer and an ext reliable.The pressure with i beg your pardon a moving auto hits an additional object is referred to as the "force that impact". Three factors affect the "force of impact":Speed the the vehicle:
The pressure of affect at 20 mph is four times better than at 10 mph. And also the pressure of impact at 30 mph is nine times better than in ~ 10 mph.Weight of the vehicle: The more heavier a car is, the more tough it will hit the various other object.Impact distance: The force of influence also depends on the street a moving automobile travels between an initial impact with an object, and the allude where the car comes to a full stop. As soon as a automobile hits an unmoving heavy object, the impact distance is short. The object does no "cave in" in ~ impact, therefore kinetic energy is spent instantly on impact. The much shorter the affect distance, the greater the damage.(Hyperphysics:, more modern cars have actually a front finish that absorbs, or provides in to, the pressure of impact. This is called a "crumple-zone." It"s designed come absorb the affect and minimize its force prior to it will the vehicle"s occupants.Older cars have actually no "crumple-zones" to absorb the pressure of impact. When an older vehicle strikes an object, the front-end stays rigid; the doesn"t give. The pressure of the impact pushes the entire engine assembly right into the passenger cabin, i beg your pardon is not a very safe occurrence.There are many features in newer-model vehicles that defend occupants from injury. The sides are more strongly designed, v reinforced stole frames to reduce the possibility of injuries in a side-angle collision. Roofs room reinforced to absorb the force of affect and to defend occupants in the event of a rollover. Next air bags and many various other safety functions may avoid an affect from killing or injuring the occupants.With every year and also every brand-new car design, safety designers are do vehicles safer. Yet the truth remains that you, together a driver, are the most crucial factor for insuring your safety and the safety of those around you.Reducing the force of ImpactVehicles today space equipped with functions that aid increase influence distance by soaking up the energy. This features include airbags, crumple zones, automatic seat belts, head restraints, energy-absorbing bumpers, steering columns, and wheels; padded dashboards, safety glass windshields, and reinforced sides.Did you recognize hitting her head at 15 mph has actually the same pressure of impact as gift hit with a sledgehammer?At 30 mph, it"s prefer your head is being shot out of a cannon. A cannonball walk 30 mph as soon as it"s first fired. Her head weighs practically as much as a cannonball. So, it"s like your head is being shot the end of a cannon right into your dashboard.Force of ImpactUnlike larger cars that were made v rigid steel, every little thing in your vehicle today is collapsible. Vehicles are designed come collapse from the pressure of affect to prevent power from the crash from gift transmitted come the occupants. But even with improved designs and brand-new technology, friend still have to wear a security belt. Have you ever seen those crash fake films? even at low speeds, severe injuries can occur in a crash.Have you ever before been come a junkyard and also seen the cars that room all smashed up? The cars space mangled, but the front chair of the automobile is precisely where the manufacturer installed it, and also in great condition. That"s why some world walk away from the worst crashes you could ever have imagined. As soon as you"re buckled up, you"re bound to the front seat; the seat takes several of the pressure of the crash, which would certainly otherwise be applied to some part of your body. Periodically a vehicle is completely demolished, and also then you watch pictures and also headlines in the newspaper that say, "Would you believe that this human being survived and walked far without a scratch?" yet some world still say, "I don"t desire to usage my seat belt. I might be hurt by the chair belt."In one great traffic safety course, the instructor would blindfold a volunteer who claimed they didn"t fasten their seat belt. The instructor would certainly spin the volunteer around three times, climate tell the volunteer come walk forward quickly. The human with the blindfold would say "No, I"m no walking." do you recognize why? They were scared to walk right into the wall. The instructor would certainly say, "You mean, you"re afraid to walk right into a wall, however you drive your car at 60 mph there is no a security belt."
Excuses for not wearing your safety and security belt:
It wrinkles my clothes.They"re uncomfortable.I forgot.They"re broken.I have the right to brace myself in a crash.WRINKLESKeep a handkerchief or a tiny hand bath towel in your vehicle. If you"re wearing pretty clothes, put the handkerchief or towel between the chair belt and also your clothes. That smoothes the end that area and keeps that wrinkle-free.A male in one classroom course told a story about his wife, who sold actual estate because that a living and wore really nice clothes to work-related every day. He constantly wore his chair belt, but his wife never did. She would say "I don"t want to wrinkle mine clothes." He got a speak to one job from the hospital saying, "Your wife has been in a car crash." he rushed come the emergency room, walked into her room, witnessed her, and also walked earlier out. That asked the nurses, "Where"s my wife?" they said, "She"s in there." the replied, "That"s not my wife." It to be his wife - he didn"t recognize his very own wife. His wife had gone through the windshield face-first, and also the affect had make her confront swell up 3 times its typical size. She had lost numerous teeth, and part of her tongue was reduced out. It took years that plastic surgical procedure to reconstruct her face, and also all due to the fact that she didn"t want to wrinkle her outfit. Think around that the following time friend don"t desire to wrinkle her clothes.Some civilization think that since their car is equipped through an airbag, castle don"t have to wear their security belts. One airbag can save your life, even in a head-on collision. However you have to wear your safety belt through an airbag.Two civilization in one class course gained into a collision and their vehicles went up on 2 of their side wheels. If castle hadn"t had actually their seat belts on, your injuries could have been worse from sliding about the compartments of your vehicles. Fortunately, they were wearing their seat belts and were maybe to recoup from this crashes.What if you"re in a collision where you obtain hit indigenous the next or an angle? The auto might spin. You could be ejected native the vehicle. However if you have your chair belt on, you stay behind the wheel, whereby you can control your vehicle and get out of danger. Some world say, "I"d quite be thrown indigenous the vehicle." You"re 25 times an ext likely to be eliminated if you room thrown from your vehicle.
People frequently have outlandish stories around people who have survived crashes once they weren"t wearing a seat belt, choose "I knew the someone that was thrown from the vehicle and lived." There space freak collisions where people survive acquiring thrown native a vehicle. Those are the ones you check out about. Once there"s a freak collision, the media loves it.The fact that it doesn"t happen often is what renders it memorable.Plane crashes rarely happen. Your opportunity of gift in a aircraft crash is 1 out of 15 million, yet some human being are afraid to fly. If a aircraft crashes, also if no one"s hurt or killed, it"s in ~ the optimal of the headlines. Motor car collisions occur all the time. There"s a motor car collision every six secs in this country, however you"re no afraid to obtain in her vehicle.A young guy was thrown indigenous his automobile in a crash. He hit a tree and also his own automobile pinned him up against the tree. It"s much an ext dangerous to acquire thrown indigenous your auto than to continue to be in your vehicle, belted in your front seat.Some civilization think they can burn increase in a fire or undo in a lake in their vehicle if lock wear their seat belt. Your possibility of being affiliated in a collision and also your vehicle catching fire or landing in water is only about .04%. If you"re affiliated in a collision that is so bad that your car catches fire, what type of a possibility will you have actually if friend don"t have a chair belt on? If you"re unconscious indigenous a head injury, you have actually no possibility of escaping the auto unless who drags friend out. V your security belt fastened, you have actually a much much better chance of staying conscious and escaping native the vehicle.Several years ago, a mrs was crossing a bridge as soon as she was affiliated in a minor collision with an additional vehicle. The crash wasn"t that poor but it caused her car to turn and, since she wasn"t wearing a chair belt, she to be thrown over the leg railing and also fell right into the flow below. She couldn"t swim but, luckily, she regulated to host onto a leg support and was soon rescued through a happen boat. If she had been wearing she seat belt, she would have only to be shaken increase a bit and would have conveniently walked far from the crash.
"I have the right to brace myself prior to the crash."
You cannot brace yourself. A 30-mph motor auto crash has the same pressure of impact as falling off a four-story building. Friend can"t brace yourself! Imagine the you are on the 4th floor of a structure where there"s a balcony. Could you dive off the balcony and also land ~ above the sidewalk in the pushup position? you couldn"t - that is impossible, and also so is the idea the bracing yourself before a crash.Did you recognize that some civilization only wear their security belts on lengthy road trips or in negative weather? They"ll say, "Okay, we"re going come Grandma"s house. Everybody buckle her seat belts." If the weather"s rainy they"ll say, "I"d much better buckle mine seat belt. I could get into a wreck today." All citizens should wear their security belts no matter exactly how long the expedition is or what weather conditions exist.How countless times carry out you go back and forth from her house?
You go to school. Friend come back home. You go out to eat. Girlfriend come earlier home. You walk shopping. You come ago home.
That was 6 times in at some point that friend went to and from your house. Most of you are going to and also from your home at the very least two times a day. Did you know that many collisions take place close to home? So also on those brief trips to and from the neighborhood store, no matter what the conditions, remember to use your seat belt.Fasten your seat belt each and also every time you obtain into her vehicle. Do it a habit. That"s the safest way!It is extremely necessary to stay your safety and security belt properly. It"s designed to go throughout your two hipbones v the shoulder strap over your collarbone. Since of the pressure generated throughout a collision, her seat belt could reason injuries to your interior organs if you wear it throughout your stomach.Never wear the shoulder strap underneath her arm. There"s nothing under your arm to prevent the chair belt. If you"re in a significant collision, the chair belt could cause fatal inner injuries. If the shoulder strap touches her neck and also it"s uncomfortable, purchase a sheepskin or towel covering and also put the extending over the spot on the chair belt the irritates you. This renders wearing the seat belt more comfortable. Girlfriend can also hire a mechanic to change it because that you in ~ a short cost.FACTS:
Wearing safety and security belts reduce the risk of deadly injury come front-seat passenger auto occupants by 45%. (NHTSA, 2006 Motor automobile Occupant Protection: fatal crashes in 2008, 77% the passenger vehicle occupants who were totally ejected indigenous the car were killed. Studies present you room 25 TIMES much more likely come be eliminated or serious injured once you are thrown clear than when you stay inside your vehicle. (NHTSA, Traffic safety and security Facts 2008 - Occupant Protection: 2008, the use of chair belts in passenger vehicles conserved an approximated 13,250 lives. (NHTSA, Traffic safety Facts - resides Saved in 2008 through Restraint Use and Minimum Drinking period Laws: added 4,152 stays would have been saved in 2008 if every un-restrained passenger automobile occupants 5 and older associated in fatal crashes had worn their seat belts. (NHTSA, Traffic security Facts - resides Saved in 2008 by Restraint Use and Minimum Drinking period Laws: 2008, an estimated 2,546 lives were conserved by waiting bags. Indigenous 1987 come 2007, a total of 25,282 resides were saved. (NHTSA, Traffic safety and security Facts - stays Saved in 2008 through Restraint Use and Minimum Drinking period Laws: vehicle collisions take place on our highways around once every 6 seconds.On average in 2008, 102 persons died each work in a motor car collision - one every 14 minutes.

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Remember: Wear her seat belt every day.If it"s uncomfortable, acquisition a covering.If it"s broken, get it repaired.All motor auto occupants have to wear your seat belts.