Chapter 14 test Bank

Web breakthrough & design Foundations through HTML5, 8 hours Edition

Instructor MaterialsChapter 14 check Bank

Multiple Choice. Select the best answer.

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1. JavaScript deserve to be explained as:

a. An object-oriented scripting language

b. An easy form of Java

c. A language produced by Microsoft

d. No one of the above

2. Select the true statement indigenous those detailed below.

a. Sign are offered to contain JavaScript statements

b. Tags have the right to be inserted in both the header and the body section of a net pagec. Sign are review by the browser

d. Every one of the statements above are true

3. In the context of net page interactivity, a(n) _________ deserve to be described as an activity taken by the user.

a. Object

b. Event

c. Tag

d. Browser

4. Pick the modern technology that was developed by a joint effort in between Netscape and also Sun Microsystems.

a. Java

b. JavaScript

c. Flash

d. Ajax

5. The _______ defines every object and also element top top a web page.

a. Paper Object Model

b. Browser

c. Operating System

d. None of the above

6. Choose the valid JavaScript variable surname below:

a. Prompt

b. MyName

c. My Name

d. VisitorsName

7. A ______ is one attribute or characteristics of an object.

a. Property

b. Method

c. Variable

d. Function

8. A _____ is an action that deserve to be performed v an object.

a. Property

b. Method

c. Variable

d. Function

9. A ______ is a reusable block that JavaScript statements.

a. Property

b. Method

c. Variable

d. Function

10. How numerous scripts have the right to be installed in an XHTML document?

a. Not an ext than one

b. Two scripts

c. One manuscript in the header section and also one manuscript in the human body section

d. As numerous as girlfriend need

11. The __________ event handler is triggered as soon as the visitor areas their mouse on one object.

a. Onclick

b. Onmouseout

c. Onmouseover

d. Onmousehover

12. The _____ an approach displays a message to the user and contains one button.

a. Prompt()

b. Alert()

c. Message()

d. No one of the above

13. Use the ____________ method to write text to a internet page.

a. Document.write()

b. Document.code()

c. Document.text()

d. Document.new()

14. The _______________property can set the background shade of the document.

a. Document.background

b. Document.bgcolor

c. Document.color

d. Document.backgroundcolor

15. A role can ______ a worth to indicate success or failure.

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a. Pass

b. Set

c. Return

d. None of the above

16. Select the compare operator to usage when trial and error a problem for equality.

a. =

b. ==


d. No one of the above

17. I beg your pardon of the complying with will assign the value Smith come the change customerName?