1. Ventilation refers to the A. Motion of wait into and also out that the lungs. B. Gas exchange between the blood and the tissues. C. Transportation of oxygen and also carbon dioxide in the blood. D. Gas exchange between the waiting in the lungs and also the blood. E. Respiration in ~ the to move level.

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2. Interior respiration describes A. Atmospheric air coming right into the lungs. B. Gas exchange between the lungs and also the blood. C. Gas exchange in the atmosphere. D. Gas exchange in between the blood and also body tissues. E. Cellular respiration.
3. Outside respiration refers to A. Atmospheric waiting coming into the lungs. B. Gas exchange between the lungs and the blood. C. Gas exchange in the atmosphere. D. Gas exchange between the blood and body tissues. E. To move respiration.
4. A protective function of the respiratory device would be A. Transforming blood pH by an altering blood CO2 levels. B. Olfaction by illustration molecules into the nasal cavity. C. Producing ACE which helps regulate blood pressure. D. Preventing microorganisms native entering the body.
5. Which of the complying with is not a duty of the respiratory tract system? A. Olfaction B. Taste C. Production of chemistry mediators D. Voice production E. Regulation of blood pH
6. I m sorry of the complying with is no a process of respiration? A. Voice manufacturing B. Internal respiration C. Ventilation D. Outside respiration E. Transfer of blood gases in the blood
7. Which of the complying with is part of the upper respiratory tract? A. Lungs B. Pharynx C. Trachea D. Bronchi E. Bronchioles
8. The nasal septum A. Divides the nose into superior and also inferior chambers. B. Forms the floor of the nasal cavity. C. Is the opened of the sleep to the outside environment. D. Is the part of the nose responsible because that the feeling of smell. E. Divides the nose into right and also left chambers.

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9. Which of the following functions is linked with the nose? A. Initiating the sneeze reflex B. Exterior respiration C. Warming the air D. Creating mucus to trap debris native the waiting E. Warming the air and also producing rubber to catch debris native the air
10. I m sorry of the following structures opens straight into the sleep cavity? A. Paranasal sinuses B. Auditory pipe C. Lacrimal glands D. Fauces E. Epiglottis
11. Whenever human being cry, their sleep runs. This is because the _____ drainpipe tears right into the nose. A. Nasolacrimal ducts B. Paranasal sinuses C. Lacrimal glands D. Wharten"s ducts E. Auditory tube
12. The olfactory epithelium responsible for the feeling of smell is situated in the A. Floor that the sleep cavity. B. Wall of the sleep septum. C. Lining the the nasopharynx. D. Cavity the the paranasal sinuses. E. Roof of the sleep cavity.
13. A molecule of air enters the nose with the exterior nares. I m sorry of the following is the exactly pathway to the trachea? A. Nasal cavity, larynx, pharynx, trachea B. Dental cavity, sleep cavity, larynx, pharynx, trachea C. Nasopharynx, sleep cavity, laryngopharynx, trachea D. Nasal cavity, pharynx, larynx, trachea E. Nasal cavity, trachea, larynx, pharynx
14. I beg your pardon of the following is not a function of the pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium of the nasal cavity? A. Trap dirt and also removes the from the wait B. Moisturizes the wait C. Exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide D. Warms the air
15. What is the role of the sleep conchae? A. Boosts turbulence in the airflow B. Olfaction C. Rises surface area because that cleaning, warming, and moisturizing the waiting D. Rises turbulence and surface area for cleaning, warming and also moisturizing the air



Student Study overview for Hole"s human Anatomy & Physiology15th EditionDavid Shier, Jackie Butler, Ricki Lewis