A fund created for making little payments that space impractical to pay by check; additionally known together imprest cash fund
" >Petty cash, likewise known as imprest cash, is a fund established for making small payments that room impractical to pay by check. Examples encompass postage due, reimbursement to employees for little purchases the office supplies, and also numerous similar items. The facility of a
A fund developed for making small payments that are impractical to pay by check; likewise known together imprest cash fund
" >petty cash system starts by making out a examine to cash, cashing it, and placing the cash in a small cash box:


A petty cash custodian have to be designated come safeguard and make payments from this fund. At the moment the fund is established, the complying with journal entrance is needed. This journal entry, in essence, subdivides the small cash portion of obtainable funds into a separate account.

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Policies must be established concerning appropriate expenditures that can be payment from petty cash. As soon as a disbursement is made from the fund, a receipt should be put in the small cash box. The receipt should set forth the amount and also nature of expenditure. The receipts are known as small cash vouchers. In ~ any point in time, the receipts plus the continuing to be cash have to equal the balance that the petty cash fund (i.e., the amount of cash originally put in the fund).

Replenish petty Cash

As expenditures occur, cash in package will be depleted. Ultimately the money will need replenishment. A check for cash is all set in an quantity to bring the fund ago up to the original level. The check is cashed and the proceeds are put in the petty cash box. In ~ the very same time, receipts are gotten rid of from the petty cash box and also formally taped as expenses.


The newspaper entry for this action involves debits to ideal expense accounts as represented by the receipts, and also a credit transaction to Cash for the quantity of the replenishment. An alert that the
A fund developed for making little payments that space impractical to pay by check; additionally known together imprest cash fund
" >Petty Cash account is not influenced — it to be originally developed as a basic amount, and also its balance has not been readjusted by virtue that this activity.


Cash Short and also Over

Occasional errors may cause the small cash fund to be out of balance. The sum of the cash and also receipts will differ native the correct small Cash balance. This might be the an outcome of an easy mistakes, such as math errors in make change, or probably someone failed to carry out a receipt for an appropriate expenditure. Whatever the cause, the easily accessible cash have to be brought back to the appropriate level.

The journal entry come record full replenishment might require second debit (for shortages) or credit transaction (for overages) to Cash short (Over). In the following entry, $635 is placed back into the fund, also though receipts amount to only $615. The difference is debited to Cash short (Over):


The Cash short (Over) account is an earnings statement type account. That is likewise applicable to cases other than petty cash. For example, a retailer will compare day-to-day cash sales come the actual cash discovered in the cash register drawers. If a excess or shortage is discovered, the distinction will be tape-recorded in Cash brief (Over); a debit balance suggests a shortage (expense), while a credit represents an overage (revenue).

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Increasing the basic Fund

As a firm grows, it may discover a require to boost the base dimension of its small cash fund. The entry to increase the fund would be identical to the an initial entry illustrated; the is, the amount added to the base amount the the money would be debited to petty Cash and also credited to Cash. Otherwise, take note that the just entry to the petty Cash account emerged when the fund was established.