Chapter 1he publication starts in ~ a parade for the king that is setup in a keystone for a brand-new gate. Ai then meets Tibe the cousin that the king. Ai speak to Estraven and also he invites that to have dinner v him. Later on that work Tibe provides Ai a ride to to Estravens house yet he decreases the ride, while in ~ Estravens house Ai is told just how Estraven has had actually a fall out through the king since he make the efforts to conflict a board concern by himself. Ai assumed it to be particial his fault that they have had a falling out.

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The chapter serves together a beginning point that lets Genly Ai describe the beginning of the goings-ons that the world of Gethan. That starts a ar report yet explains he will certainly tell it together a story, and begins to describe a parade. Nothing too necessary in this chapter besides character introduction.

Chapter 2

A tale about two brothers who vow kemmer come each other in some location on Gethen wherein this is prohibited. The leader of this place regulates the brothers it is in excommunicated from this society. The brother that bore the child becomes distraught and also commits suicide, also while the various other tries to to convince him to leave with him so the they have the right to live in peace somewhere far away. In Gethenian society, self-destruction is very offensive and the dead of the suicide is assigned come the living brother, and also he is exiled through the leader and also literally chased indigenous his home. Every the areas he attempts to escape to will certainly not take him in because that they know of his offense. Finally, he reaches a point where he gives up, professing to some unknown group of world the denouncement that his name, his cursing of his homeland the disgraced him, and also his intention to die right then and there. Because suicide is for this reason horrible, these people he’s talking to effort to death him, together this is less of one infraction in terms of their very own shifgrethor. He escapes, running right into the frozen wastes of the Pering Ice. Right here he wanders until close to death, until he finds a calm ar within the storm. Here he meets a number that reveals himself to it is in his shed brother, and who says that this is the ar that those that kill themselves go. He speak the living brother to sign up with him there, yet the living brother gets angry that he chose death over life in addition to him, and also leaves. We see that the dead brother is unable to speak the life brothers name. The living brothers finds his method out come a land that does not recognize him. He changes his name and also lives a lengthy life together a brand-new man, until someday a traveler originates from his old homeland. He asks this traveler exactly how the land is doing, and he tells the brother the it is act badly since the time he had actually fled. The brother reveals himself to be the man who fled, and also he reclaims his name. The traveler take away this news back to the homeland, which shortly recovers native its dilapidation. The brothers passes away shortly after.

What is revealed about Gethenian culture:

We understand that committing suicide is very offensive, worse than most other crime if not all. We likewise see the prestige of names and also honor (essentially, the prominence of one’s personal shifgrethor) and also how the culture holds it in such prestige that it will sacrifice much to keep it intact, including personal happiness.

Chapter 3

The chapter covers Genly’s conversation through the mad King. Genly’s original purpose for being ~ above the planet is to get the planet’s leader to authorize what is more or less a galactic/universe contract or coalition. The mad King doesn’t take too kindly come Genly, as to him, he’s an alien, and more or much less shoos the away. He then leaves to shot again in what is more or less the rivaling faction’s territory.


Chapter 4

The lord Beristri Remix Ipe came to Thangering fastness visited a forteller to ask once he will certainly die. The foretellers tell him he will die ~ above the nineteenth of any type of month. Besosty has been paranoid around his death and also locks self in the highest possible room that the Hearth tower. Later on kemmer Harbor visited the foretellers to ask in exchange for his life to know the price of when his lover Besosty will die. The forteller states he will live longer than you. Harbor goes back and speak Besosty the news. I beg your pardon sets the off that Harbor did not ask the foretellers a far better question. Besosty death harbor end the anger resulted in by the foretellers. Besosty couldn’t live with himself anymore and hung self on the nineteenth that the month.

This legend tells us about the society of the foretellers the they have actually a lot of power over the people and their life.

Here’s another outline:

-Berosty pays, using many of his money, because that a foretelling native Weaver Odren to find out the day he dies-Specifically asking, “What day will I die?”

-He finds out only that the day will be the 19th due to the fact that he didn’t ask a details enough question-Berosty threatens the weaver who pressures him come leave-Berosty returns house locking self in because that ten months, even during Kemmer, cultivation mad and also fearful especially approximately the 19th-Herbor (His kemmering partner) goes to the foretellers and having no money offers his life-The foretellers perform not desire his life therefore he asks, “How long will Berosty love”-The foretellers reply much longer then Herbor-Herbor goes home to call Berosty who, foolish already, is furious with him and also calls the a stupid for asking such a question, crushing his skull v a stone-Due come his insanity the spends his days in search of Herbor, unable to concerned terms with his death, till he hangs himself on the nineteenth

The objective of this myth is to display that without the appropriate question, being specific, you will not acquire the answer you’re spring for, but also perhaps the you have to not seek out answers to such concerns or they will certainly drive you to madness.

Chapter 5

In chapter 5, Genly sets out to the Fastnesses wherein the foretellers reside. The foretellers space what they sound like, luck tellers, that seem come be relatively accurate if not troublesome. Genly likewise learns that the Gethanians nothing hurry or rush. That looked under upon. Genly likewise learns that exterior of Karhide, most of the mountains and glaciers are fatality traps waiting to happen.

 When the Chapter begins it starts v a dispute between Orgoreyn and Karhide they might end increase going to battle on the planet Gethen. When figuring this out Ai goes on a trip which informs us readers about Gethenian way of life on their planet. This world is not safe whatsoever together it is complete of glaciers and rigorous hill ranges. He ends up dropping anchor for a brief time in the city that Rer, i beg your pardon was as soon as a ar where the King supplied of Karhide. He ends up leave to another city whereby he meets Faxe and also they are difficult workers, and great times. This is where Ai is warned come ask a an excellent question since not all inquiries will be answered as result of consequence. This is whereby he asks the foretellers if Gethen will sign up with the Ekumen and also they stated yes. Ai realizes the there is just one answers come the concern of the future.

Chapter 6– One method into Orgoreyn

The setting is Kuseben. Over there is a chef called Obsle that Estraven likes together a friend. Estraven is going with the city talking to civilization after he has actually been exiled. Ends up meeting Ash, a former kemming partner. Ash wants to go through Estraven however he refuses.

This is the an initial chapter native Estraven’s perspective. A messenger comes because that him indigenous the king’s house exchanging a paper. Estraven obtain the letter stating that he will certainly be exiled, so he packed his things and headed west to Kuseben. He meets Ashe his former kemmer. Ashe wants to monitor Estraven however he refuses to it is in followed. Ashe tries to give Estraven money however Ashe is garbage again. Estraven has actually till the sixth hour come escape the country, or he will be killed by the Tibes men. Estraven steals a boat and gets struck by two human being then gets shot throughout his escape. He rosa away yet his body becomes numb. An officer finds Estraven and brings him to Shells harbor in Orgoryn. After getting himself ago to typical he is taken right into interrogation. The officer questions him a many on exactly how he will go back to where he came from and virtually said that will never ever go back. Days have actually past and Estraven is now in a brand-new homeland in Mishnory stop a job as a load watercraft lander.

Chapter 7

In thing seven, we watch background info on what the history of the Gethenians is, thus providing the reader much more insight right into the people that Le Guin built. One investigator discusses what he believes Gethenians are and determines they space experiments do by the Hainish. He likewise believes that they were people made right into an androgynous kind and set loosened by your creators. The Investigator likewise hypothesised that the earth was lot nicer a if back, but after the downfall the The Hainish, The Gethenians were left behind to address the repercussions. The Investigator additionally explains how The Gethenian reproductive bike works, i beg your pardon is additionally the exact same as a woman’s term cycle. Throughout the very first 21 days the Gethenians space in Sommer, but in work 23 they get in Kemmer and also begin to look for partners. Right here he also explains that their bodies kind Genitalia and begin the process of reproduction and also only last for the kemmer cycle. The investigator also lays the ground rule of Kemmering, (a variation of marriage).

This chapter gives us an insight into the culture of the Gethenians and likewise shows how much strength Kemmer has over their culture and exactly how their society continues to exist based on the cycle.

Chapter 8

 In thing 8, Ai spends the summer traveling Karhide, exploring the country and also integrating himself right into the Gethenian culture. While staying in Gorinhering, the hears a radio broadcast the the King is pregnant through an heir. Later on, a Gethenian concerned visit Ai. The person who had pertained to visit to be Ashe. He hands Ai the money he tried to provide to Estraven. Ai tells Ashe the if the sees Estraven that will provide him the money. Ai climate decides to go to Sinoth Valley. While that is there, he gets into Orgoreyn by cross a bridge. He climate finds a house where the is able come rest and also eat part food. That night he has a poor dream in which that wakes up to adhering to some refugees. While that is complying with the refugees Orgoreyn public representative interrogate the group. Ai did not have papers so he had actually to be placed in a room. Ai climate hears the the city had actually been attacked. Ai was let the end by officials and also they also gave him some papers and also a vehicle for him to leave. He then ends increase in Mishnory in Shushis home where that decides come stay. Estraven climate goes come the same location as where he is and he starts come wonder if he had actually planned every one of what had actually happened.

Chapter 9

This chapter is devoted to a Gethanian legend that seems to be relatively Romeo and Juliet-esque. Basically, there are two rivaling factions, and also a man from one side drifts the end onto slim ice and falls through. That pulls self out however is freezing to death when he sees a cabin. Upon come at the cabin, the human being residing there is a male who is component of the rivaling faction. ~ warming up, the two have actually intercourse and also spend the next few days together. After ~ a few days, some males from the cabin-owner’s faction arrive and kill the various other man. Rapid forwarding a bit, the man then shows up months later to the rulers the both rivaling factions to present them the their new heir to the throne is this child. As the boy grows, he unites the two factions and they live much more happily 보다 they walk before.

Here room some crucial points

Estraven’s beginning Story?Estraven travels with the stormFalls in frozen lake along the wayEstraven gets help from Therem, treats his frostbite in a kind of hutThey recognize that lock are adversaries yet lock swear kemmeringStok men arrive later and also stab EstravenA baby was found and grew up, recognized as “Therem that Estre”Therem is wounded and ends up at the very same hut the Estraven didTherem of Estre meets Therem of Stok – parent and also child?They vow peace – in order to prevent history from repeating itself?Myth teaching the vowing kemmering is not enabled and bad things result from it

Chapter 10

Genly Ai further immerses self in the political machinations that Orgeryn. Much of this chapter is spent listening to the miscellaneous Orgeryn 33 conversing, from Genly’s perspective, and his make the efforts to to convince them that his reality and purpose for being there.

Ai to be to speak with TheremHe thought Therem was being tentativeIt was fall yet there was the an initial snowAi offered Therem the money he was asked to carry himTherem claims banished guys should never speak their indigenous tongueReferring to KarhidishTherem tells Ai to be careful around how he is used, learn about the enemy factionObsle claimed “Mersen is a spy native Erhenrang and also Gaum is an open up agent the the Sarf”King Argaven’s kid was born and likewise diedAi was perplexed in ~ their absence of comprehensive questions for him and also his sort at firstHe was aked around the Ekumen – they might not understand the ideaCommensal Yegey might not recognize why Ekumen would certainly want relations with themAi explained how he obtained to the planet and also where his ship was orbitingHe described there to be 11 others in stasis on the shipAi revealed the did not desire to alarm them through the visibility of the ship at firstThe group told Ai castle wanted more visible proof indigenous him as well as picturesAi wanted a public guarantee their government would no hurt his peopleAi learns that Gaum is an agent of the mystery police that Orgoreyn

Chapter 11

Estraven reviews the ice of Genly’s speech to the board of directors of 33. He starts to establish the futility of Genly’s make the efforts to to convince the council of his legitimacy, and recognizes his very own hand in instrumenting the occasions leading to this. The realizes that he has actually has failed extremely (from his perspective) and he seeks Genly come warn the of the hazard of his plight.

Chapter 12

An abstract summary of Meshe, i m sorry is the center of time. Any kind of attempt come accurately surmise what this chapter is in reality saying would certainly be nothing much more than a guess. However, it does offer insight regarding what Meshe is come the Gethenian people and the enormity the the concept.

Chapter 13

Ai goes to dinner in ~ Shusgis’ house. After he is done he goes to bed and also awakens to see he has actually been take away by the police. Lock tell the he is under arrest. Ai it s okay drugged and questioned and also then is taken onto the truck. The is naked with 26 Gethenians, when on the van ride, who bleeds out and also dies. The human was simply left there. Although Ai inquiry to have the body removed, they just kept driving. During the ride, a Gethenian goes right into kemmer and is attracted to Ai. Ai rejects her and also she doesn’t get the comfort she wants. ~ above the 5th day, they space let out and also Ai it s okay a task at the sawmill. Meanwhile, they give everyone medication to prevent them indigenous entering kemmer, however this harms Ai since he doesn’t experience kemmer. The guards leave Ai on a resting shelf. There he becomes close the Asra and exchanges life stories. Asra later dies from a kidney malfunction. ~ his death, Ai to be sent right into an examination room and can’t remember what happened.

Chapter 14

-From Estraven’s suggest of view

-He to be planning top top leaving town after Obsle, Yegey and also Slose were gone

-Estraven goes to Commissioner Shusgis’ because that information

-Estraven lies, claiming he is a spy and that he knows the Shusgis is a double agent and will pour out the beans in that does not obtain his information

-Shusgis spills

-Estraven decides to leaving by faking his method as a carry-loader and is able come cross right into Orgoreyn

-Estraven overhears fur traders and decides that is exactly how he will be able to make his way to the town of Turuf

-Estraven obtains much more gear in Turuf

-He breaks Ai out of prison v the use of dothe

-Ai agrees come teach Estraven the strength of mindspeech

Chapter 15 

-Genly wakes up discussing with Estraven other options other 보다 crossing the ice

-Estraven uses up ideas such as boarding a ship secretly to obtain closer come Karhide

-Estraven pipeline to gain supplies—revealing the stole them to Genly—which is the worst feasible sin, besides suicide in their society

-Estraven steps out your supplies—like the gichy-michy—to see how many days the crossing will take which should take 78 job exactly

-they must walk about 10-11 mile a day to accomplish this

-Estraven stubborn to questioning Genly to contact for his ship to rescure them

-discussing that night why Genly is alone as an envoy

-later they talk about Estraven’s past travels end the ice close to his home and decide to call one another Ai and also Harth

-Estraven catches six tiny animals and also makes soup and also is much more energized

-Genly, however, gets sick

-As it starts to rain the snow gets sludgy (after Genly had actually recouped a bit and fought through Estraven due to the fact that he is worried too lot over him) they’re can not to make 12 mile a day

-They’re able to check out the glacier through the finish of the chapter

Chapter 16

Ai asks Estraven what the newspaper is, which room the records of his family members domain. When they were both talk he then realizes his family members has to be dead because that 70 years. They climate travel right into a volcanic wilderness. Lock run right into the energetic volcano, which provides them go into the 12 volcanoes to discover the course of ice but then get trapped in a house. Ai gets frostbite on his facewhich diffusion on their journey. After they fail in their journey, Estraven goes right into kemmer. Ai at the end says that females are an ext alien to him climate Gethenians.

Chapter 17

In the start of the story there space two things, the sun and also the ice. ~ years go by, the sun melts the ice and also crevasses form. Three shaped developed from the ice. One said “I bleed,” one claimed “I weep,” and the last one said “I sweat.” The an initial shape climbed native the crevasse and pulled the end a handful of ice and made the mountains and also the valleys. The second one go out on the ice and made the seas and rivers. The last one take it soil and sea water and made plants, trees, and also animals. They make men, and one called Edondurath made a residence of frozen bodies. Two nations were born, and also Edondurath’s son’s were followed by darkness because he made a home from his brothers’ bodies.

Chapter 18

This thing involces Ai’s view his time on the ice. They travel for 50 days and practically freeze and run the end of food. Estraven choses to eat less but Genly quiet rations due to the fact that he is starving. Estraven beginning kemmer while on the ice yet neither of them touch each other. Instead Ai teaches Estraven mindspeech and also he battles to find out it for 3 days. Estraven manages to say “Genry” after ~ Ai connects to him when he nearly fell asleep. Estraven is an extremely warry the mindspeech yet it strengthens your bond. They prevent for a day due to the fact that the blizzard is to special to check out through. The following day lock travel however it is exceptionally mentally tolling due to the fact that every step might be a autumn to their death. Soon they check out black tentacles which space the shadows the the Esherhoth Crages. This mirrors that they space closer to your destination and also can survive.

Chapter 19

Estraven and Ai space traveling top top a glacier, nearing their destination. After ~ a while lock sit and also rest. They start speaking about the idea of exactly how light cannot exist there is no darkness, Ai goes together far as to draw the price of yin & yang in Estraven’s notebook. A blizzard then all of sudden hits and also once it gets rid of they come in Guthen Bay. Estraven and also Genly room treated through hospitality in a home in Kurkurast Domain. Ai and Estraven decide to sneak back to the border to obtain to Orgoreyn and permits Ai to use the transmitter to call the ship Ai and also Estraven satisfy up after Thessicher sold out Estraven. Estraven sprints for the border however gets shot.

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Ai goes come dinner in ~ Shusgis’ house. After the is excellent he goes come bed and awakens to check out he has been take away by the police. Castle tell the he is under arrest. Ai it s okay drugged and also questioned and also then is taken ~ above the truck. He is naked v 26 Gethenians, if on the truck ride, someone bleeds out and also dies. The human was simply left there. Although Ai inquiry to have actually the body removed, they simply kept driving. During the ride, a Gethenian goes into kemmer and also is drawn to Ai. Ai rejects her and she doesn’t obtain the lull she wants. Top top the fifth day, they are let out and Ai gets a project at the sawmill. Meanwhile, they offer everyone medicine to protect against them native entering kemmer, yet this damages Ai because he doesn’t suffer kemmer. The guards leave Ai on a sleeping shelf. There he i do not care close the Asra and also exchanges life stories. Asra later on dies from a kidney malfunction. After ~ his death, Ai was sent right into an examination room and also can’t psychic what happened.