1. Source Code :Source code describes high level password or assembly code which is created by human/programmer. Resource code is straightforward to read and modify. That is written by programmer by using any High Level Language or intermediate language i beg your pardon is human-readable. Source code contains comments the programmer put for far better understanding.Source password is noted to language translator i m sorry converts the into maker understandable code which is called maker code or thing code. Computer system can not know direct source code, computer understands device code and also executes it. That is thought about as an essential component the computer. In straightforward we deserve to say source code is a set of instructions/commands and statements i beg your pardon is composed by a programmer by utilizing a computer system programming language choose C, C++, Java, Python, Assembly language etc. For this reason statements created in any programming language is termed as source code.2. Object password :Object code refers to low level code which is understandable by machine. Object code is generated from resource code ~ going through compiler or other translator. That is in executable maker code format. Thing code contains a sequence of an equipment understandable instructions to which central Processing Unit understands and executes.Object file contains object code. That is thought about as one more of maker code. Part object file examples are typical object record format (COFF), COM files and “.exe” files. The is the calculation of a compiler or various other translator. We can understand source code however we deserve to not know object code as that is not in level text like resource code fairly it is in binary formats.The below figure illustrates the source code and object password :

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Difference between resource Code and Object code :S.No.SOURCE CODEOBJECT CODE01.Source code is produced by human being or programmer.Object code is created by compiler or various other translator.02.Source password is high level code.Object password is short level code.03.Source code is composed in plain text by making use of some high level programming language.Object code is translated code of source code.

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It is in binary format.04.Source password is human being understandable.Object password is not person understandable.05.Source password is not straight understandable by machine.Object code is an equipment understandable and also executable.06.It is written in high level language choose C, C++, Java, Python etc or assembly language.It is written in an equipment language through compiler or assembler or other translator.07.It can be easily modified.It deserve to not it is in modified.08.It includes comments for better understanding by programmer.It does not contain comment for knowledge by machine.09.It consists of less number of statements than object code.It contains much more number of declaration than resource code.10.It is much less close. In the direction of machine.It is an ext close towards machine.11.Performance of source code is much less than object code as that is less close towards machine.Performance of object code is more than source code together it is more close in the direction of machine.12.Source password is input come compiler or any type of other translator.Object password is output of compiler or any other translator.13.Source password is not mechanism specific.Object code is mechanism specific.14.It can be adjusted over time.Source code needs to be compiled or interpreted by any type of other translator to gain modified object code.