Have her students develop a plot diagram of the events from a story ~ above Storyboard That. Not just is this a an excellent way come teach the components of the plot, however it reinforces significant events and help students construct greater expertise of literature structures.In a five-cell storyboard, have students stand for the significant plot points of this story in sequence utilizing exposition, increasing action, climax, fallout’s action, and also resolution. They need to use the summary boxes to define what is happening throughout each part. Face expressions and also different coloring have the right to really lug out the drama of this moments!


Example Plot Diagram because that "The Story of an Hour"

Exposition/ConflictMrs. Mallard is sickly and also suffers from a weak heart. She sister, Josephine comforts her, pertained to that the news she is about to hear will certainly kill her.

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Rising Action

Josephine and Richards, a friend of Mr. Brently Mallard, gently expose that Mr. Mallard has actually been killed in a railroad disaster.


Mrs. Mallord, though grieving, realizes the she is now totally free from a marital relationship in which she wasn"t important happy. So despite she mourns the death of her husband, secretly she"s elated.

Falling Action

After Mrs. Mallard concerns the conclusion that she is now free to live a happy life, she and also Josephine go down, simply as Mr. Mallard, unharmed by the tragic accident, comes through the door.


Mrs. Mallard collapses, dead. The medical professional said "that she had passed away of heart disease - of joy that kills." He assumed she was so overjoyed to check out him the she died. In reality, she realized she "freedom" was never ever to be, and also that killed her.

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Student Instructions

Create a intuitive plot chart of "The Story of one Hour".

Click "Start Assignment".Separate the story right into the Exposition, Conflict, climbing Action, Climax, fall Action, and Resolution.Create picture that represents an important moment or collection of events for each of the story components.Write a description of each of the actions in the plot diagram.
Lesson plan Reference

Grade Level 6-8

Difficulty Level 2 (Reinforcing / Developing)

Type that Assignment Individual, Partner, or Group

Type that Activity: Plot Diagrams and Narrative Arcs

Common core Standards


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Plot chart Rubric for center School
Create a plot diagram for the story using Exposition, Conflict, rising Action, Climax, falling Action, and also Resolution.
proficient 33 clues emerging 25 point out start 17 clues

Plot Images
Cells encompass images that convey occasions in the matching stage that the plot. The pictures represent critical moment and exemplify the descriptions listed below them.
Cells include one or two photos that convey events from one incorrect phase of the plot. Most photos represent crucial moment and also exemplify the descriptions below them.
Cells include three or much more images the convey occasions from an incorrect stage of the plot. Photos depict minor and inimportant moment or execute not reflect the descriptions listed below them.
Plot Text
The storyboard correctly identifies all six stages the the plot. The text for every of the 6 cells correctly breaks down the plot occasions into suitable stages. The text gives a logical rundown of the plot and also includes the most significant events that the book.
The storyboard misidentifies one or 2 stages the the plot. The text for every of the 6 cells division down many of the plot occasions into suitable stages. The text provides a logical summary of the plot, but may omit some significant events of the book.
The storyboard misidentifies three or an ext stages that the plot. The message for each of the six cells does not correspond to the occasions of the stage. In its entirety plot description is not logical.
Spelling and Grammar
Spelling and also grammar is exemplary. Message contains few or no mistakes.
Text consists of some far-reaching errors in assignment or grammar.
Text consists of many errors in assignment or grammar.
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