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About The Sims

The original Sims video game was first released in 2000 and also had sold over 2 million duplicates by 2002. Sims games are now obtainable in all sorts of species on various consoles, such as the PC, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation. As result of its popularity and growth, many brand-new expansion packs and downloadable extras are introduced constantly. Sims 4 was released in 2014.

Life and also Death in the Game

The suggest of The Sims is to style your characters' looks and also personality, satisfy their needs, fulfill their desires and goals, and start a family. You can likewise make your own stories, make multiple families and also generations, or make points go no so well because that your preferred Sim characters. Because that every Sims player, at some allude or another, over there comes the uncontrollable advice to end a Sim's life—either they're an annoying character, an inconvenience, or you're just sick that them gift around.

How to death Your Sims

Here are eleven ways to death off your Sims characters, neighbors, or visitors. Go on, let out your within meanie!

Kitchen FireDrown in the PoolStarvationOld AgeMeteoriteFireplace and also Rug FireBrute force TraumaMurphy BedMummy's CurseElectrocutionDeath through Laughter


1. Kitchen Fire (All Games)

A well-known method to dice on the Sims games is by starting a fire in your kitchen. The Sim will burn to death, the Grim reaper will arrive, and also a gravestone will show up in your family in your unlucky Sim's memory. Here's just how to death your Sim through a kitchen fire.

Remove any fire alarms in the house.Get a Sim v low cooking an abilities (preferably 0) to chef a meal in the cooktop or top top the cooktop top.If you've made a meal in the oven, for example, waffles, a fire will begin if you merely walk far without acquisition the food out (by providing your center a meaningless job whilst the food is in the oven).Don't allow the sim leave the kitchen when the fire is crackling; the center will generally panic and watch the fire.Without one alarm, a firefighter won't present up, and also your sim will at some point be engulfed in the flames.


2. Undo in the pool (All Games)

A faster method to get rid of Sims (visitors and neighbors included) is by obtaining them come drown in the pool. Here's exactly how to execute this.

Build a fairly huge pool in the garden external your home using construct Mode.Build a wall around the pool, and also make certain there is no ground for your center to climb on to (in the older games, you provided to have to just eliminate the swimming pool ladder, however now you require to build a wall).Play the wait game. Her Sim will certainly swim, and swim, and also swim part more. You'll have the ability to see their motives gradually going down. Once Hunger, Energy and Bathroom are low enough, the sim will ultimately drown. Do it with four or five Sims in the same pool for extra hilarity.


3. Scarcity (All Games)

A less complicated yet slower way to make your Sims absent the bucket is by cutting off their access to things favor a toilet, bed, and also fridge.

Move your sim outside and out the the method of various other Sims.Build a wall around them, utilizing as few squares together possible.Just leaving them there. They'll cry, they'll stomp, they'll yell, they'll wet themselves... And eventually, die.


If you desire your Sims come die—but also live a long, perhaps happy life—old age is the answer!


4. Old period (The Sims 2)

Sims 3 supplies a "no aging'" option where her Sims remain young and beautiful forever. However, another way for Sims to dice is... Well, native old age.

Give them a long and also happy life (or unhappy, it depends on just how you play).Your sim will become a an elderly citizen.Wait for the bar to eventually reach the top. Your Sim will certainly croak.Tip: to speed up this process, use the alternatives to adjust the age bar to fewer days (for example, making castle a an elderly for 1 day prior to they die).

5. Meteorite (The Sims 3)

If you have the Ambitions growth pack because that Sims 3, there's a random event that deserve to instantly death your Sim. This may take place when you least expect it.

Move your sim to an open area, such as the garden.It's rare, however it happens; a meteorite will loss from the sky and also crush your Sim.

6. Fireplace and also Rug Fire (All Games)

Another fire death, this time by manipulating the rooms and trapping your Sims in an unpreventable room of smoke and also doom.

Build a room or usage an currently one, placed your center inside and remove all of the doors and windows.Put under rugs everywhere the floor, overlapping them whereby possible.Build as countless fireplaces together you deserve to that her Sim can access.Put tree on either next of the fires.Command your sim to light and also poke all of the fires.Your rugs and also plants will certainly soon catch fire. This is may be a much more effective fatality than the Kitchen Fire method, as in this case your sim can't escape. There is a chance that a Kitchen Fire will certainly burn out before it get the Sim.

7. Brute pressure Trauma (The Sims 3: university Life)

If you have actually the University Life growth pack because that Sims 3, there room two new ways to die for her Sims. One is being crushed through a vending machine.

Get your sim to usage a vending machine. Sometimes, it won't work properly, and your sim will get mad and push it.The vending machine will autumn on peak of her Sim and also kill him/her.

8. Murphy Bed (The Sims 2: Apartment Life)

The various other new way to dice in Apartment Life is by being trapped in the new item, the Murphy Bed.

Get her Sim into a bad mood (don't bathe, don't eat, etc for a while).Get them to pull down the Murphy bed.Sometimes the bed will certainly crush them, death them instantly.
The "World Adventure" development adds the delightful option of killing her Sims v a Mummy's Curse.

Sims Wiki

9. Mummy's Curse (The Sims 3: civilization Adventure)

If you have actually the human being Adventure expansion pack for Sims 3, you can kill her Sim v the Mummy's Curse.

Fight a Mummy and lose.You Sim will certainly be infected v the Mummy's Curse, and have a black aura about them. Lock will have actually 14 work to discover a cure.Do nothing in this 14 days. Nearer the time of death, your display screen will it is in met with a relocating dark ring roughly the edges, and also sometimes creepy music will certainly play. Leave your center to suffer, and also after a fortnight they'll die of the Curse.
Tell a sim with poor mechanical an abilities to fix a broken electronic device, and also they might just acquire electrocuted.

Sims Wikia

10. Electrocution (All Games)

This is a technique of killing Sims that's been about since the original version on the PlayStation.

Break an electrical object in the household, such as a coffee maker, stove, dishwasher or TV (just use it enough times and also it will automatically break).Tip: throw a party and eventually every one of the guests will use the coffee machine. It's much more likely to rest when many Sims usage it in a short space of time.Get a Sim v low or missing mechanical skills (again, 0 is best for this) to attempt to settle it.The sim will periodically be electrocuted and die whilst trying to solve the object.

11. Fatality by Laughter (The Sims 4)

Moodlets are a brand-new feature in The Sims 4, and one of this is playful. With the correct behaviors, playful can be very playful, and also in rarely cases, hysterical.

If you have actually a sim you desire to death off, get them hysterical v playful behavior and have someone do them laugh. This can be done with an additional Sim telling them a hoax or by city hall a comedy top top TV. One embarrassing method to go, for sure!

Extra Tips

Save her game before you death anyone off. You could want her Sims back!Create entirely separate records for her "serious" game and your "killing spree" game.Check that you aren't killing any important people. Custom-made Sims space fine, yet make certain you don't accidentally drown your Sim's boss, because that example.

It's strange satisfying and also hilarious to clock your poor Sims get burned, crushed, or electrocuted come death! this ten means to die aren't the only techniques of finishing your Sims' lives, however they're the funniest. Have fun!

© 2014 Poppy


Poppy (author) indigenous Enoshima, Japan top top July 31, 2014:

Thanks for her comment! i don't understand why it's therefore funny to kill Sims! maybe it's the means they flail about when they're panicking, or how they scream and yell in Simlish :P

Haha, ns laughed so difficult with this list! Yeah, i might shot the murphy bed and the vending machine. Lol gonna actually try this later. Tho i am trying to find sims 4 (excited, just planning the pre-ordering or possibly wait the launch). Sometimes I feel guilty playing favor god v these poor sims life. However it's just a video game so i don't think the is wrong. Castle don't have life or anything....just kill it!

Link10103 on July 30, 2014:

I great I had actually mods, don't have actually a computer awesome enough to play games on. Can't also play minecraft on my brand new laptop (at the time) in ~ the lowest settings.

On ps3, you deserve to cheat by typing a succession of buttons. That unlocks a magic llama in the develop mode the you deserve to place anywhere in your house. As soon as you click on it, girlfriend can gain oodles that cash and also infinite karma for those celestial boosts, i beg your pardon pretty lot puts the game in straightforward mode.

Poppy (author) indigenous Enoshima, Japan top top July 30, 2014:

Magic llama?? Haha what sort of stunner mods do you have?

Link10103 ~ above July 30, 2014:

I think I started cheating after that lol through the magic llama. I know at one point that backfired top top me, that celestial point that happens at midnight finished up leading to an earthquake, broke everything in mine house and made it record fire.

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Ghosty time :/

Poppy (author) indigenous Enoshima, Japan top top July 30, 2014:

You have barely scratched the surface, my girlfriend :P

Link10103 top top July 29, 2014:

I think the only thing that has ever killed me in Sims 3 was a fire. Had a barbecue the end on mine sidewalk and also it randomly caught fire. For everything reason my center freaked out together he was sleeping, ran over to the fire and also died almost immediately. Then I came to be a ghost and started haunting part random persons mansion.