During the years 1740 to 1770 thetension in between Englandand the 13 colonies grew into a complete scale war. Experiencing from unjust taxation andtyrannical rule, the colonists tried to adjust and influence the English policythrough repeated petitioning and boycotts. After failing to affect England throughpeaceful measures, war was the colonists’ just option. The 13 colonies weretherefore justification in starting a revolt against England. According to England howeverthe homesteaders were not justified in waging war. England to be the mother nation andthe colonists paid the lowest taxes in the world. Being that the colonistsbenefited native the French and Indian war, colonial help in paying ago the debtwas expected. The 13 swarms unnecessarily resorted to violence and also propagandain i beg your pardon a decimal of Patriots influenced other colonists to think in a “New England” problem. Regardless of England’s reasons regarding why the13 nests were not correct to explain war, the homesteaders were justified in wagingwar. The colonists in the declaration of Independence plainly stated theirgrievances and case against England, declaring to the world the factors thatcaused them come separate and also fight to become the United says of America.

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The Declaration being Ratified


The 13 nests were Justified

Foremost, plenty of of the acts that were passed in the 13 colonies, such together the stamp act and the Townshend acts were no there because that the sole function of regulation trade, they were there to collection taxes native the 13 colonies. Man Dickinson in “Letters native a farmer in Pennsylvania” said, “The parliament unquestionably possesses a legal government to manage the profession of good Britain, and also all she colonies.” This to be saying the the government has the strength to only regulate trade not to collection revenue also. By collecting revenue, Britain to be abusing the colonist’s civil liberties as Englishmen. The regulation of England claims that somebody might not be taxed if he or she walk not have a voice in government. Man Dickinson also says, “To impose this duties on these colonies, no for the regulation that trade…but for the single purpose of levying money top top us.” The stamp act, that taxed newspaper, wills, and document and Townshed action that taxation glass, paint, lead, and also tea were not regulating trade; they were applied for the advantage of England. Together a result, the plot infuriated the colonists and they were justified in waging a war with England.

In addition, in one excerpt indigenous “Declaration of the Causes and also Necessity of acquisition up Arms” the second Continental congress said, “The parliament have the right to ‘of best make legislations to tie all situations whatsoever.’” the passage was saying that the British federal government had to strength to do such legislations so the the swarms were under finish control the Britain. Since the colonists saw no method do attend to this enormous force their only choices were to provide in or go to war. Because they want to be free, their only remaining selection was to explain war. Like on the battle of lengthy Island, wherein the only good choice, and also smart choice left was to retreat and also escape. Right here in that instance the only great and smart selection was come fight for freedom. The continent Congress even agrees to a battle by speak “The latter is our choice.” The 13 nests were justified in advertising was due to the fact that war at the time was the just remaining option.

Furthermore, in one excerpt indigenous “The explanation of Independence” the says, “The history of the existing king of great Britain is a history of repetitive injuries…” In this declare the continent Congress had actually said that because the king has been for this reason cruel towards the colonies, they have a best to fight back. Another excerpt says, “In every phase of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the many humble terms, our repeated petitions have actually been answered only by recurring injury.” back the swarms have tried plenty of peaceful steps with England, such together boycotts they have actually denied every petitions and protests, and established more acts that caused an ext damage than great to the colonies. In an attempt to fight against these action the homesteaders went to war. Hence, the 13 nests had all the rights and also were justification to declare battle on England.


In enhancement in thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” Paine clearly told the homesteaders that they were justified to explain war. He said, “Tell me climate whether you have the right to hereafter love, honor, and also faithfully offer that strength that hath carried fire and sword right into your land?” the asked the colonists whether they have the right to stay faithful to somebody that was out to ruin their land. In ~ Lexington the British had actually shot right into the colonists and at the finish of the battle nine homesteaders died. The brothers had lugged this violence right into the colonies and also the homesteaders were only trying to defend themselves. His check out on Lexington and also Concord was, “No guy was a warmer wisher than myself, before the fatal accident ~ above April, 1775, yet the minute the event of the day to be made known, i rejected the hardened sullen-tempered king forever.” The colonists were fully justified to declare war due to the fact that it has already started and the British were not getting weaker, so they should attack now.

Lastly, in one excerpt native “The explanation of Independence” that says, “The background of the present king of great Britain is a background of repetitive injuries…” In this statement the continental Congress had said that due to the fact that the king has actually been so cruel in the direction of the 13 colonies, they have actually a ideal to fight back. An additional excerpt says, “In every stage of these oppressions we have actually petitioned because that redress in the most humble terms, our repetitive petitions have actually been answered only by recurring injury.” return the colonies have tried countless peaceful steps with England, such together boycotts they have denied all petitions and also protests, and established more acts that caused an ext damage than an excellent to the colonies. In an effort to fight against these acts the colonists went come war. Hence, the swarms had every the rights and were justified to declare war on England.




The 13 colonies were Unjustified

However, in some means the colonists were unjustified in waging war through England. On march 5, 1770 the colonists assaulted the brothers by throw snowballs in ~ them and taunting them. A paint by Paul Revere mirrors the British that fired right into a crowd of colonists, but the painting left out exactly how the homesteaders had enraged them to shoot. Additionally the painting shows a british leader that told soldiers to shoot the colonists, that was propaganda. The colonists wanted anyone to believe the Boston Massacre was the British’s fault; however the massacre was mainly the colonist’s fault, since they threw snowballs at the British and provoked them. The hatchet “massacre” was provided with a dorn meaning. At the finish of the battle only a only nine world or so were dead, and some injured. There were likewise many more colonists than there to be British, and also so the british soldiers experienced they were outnumbered, fired in me defense. The Boston Massacre was the homesteaders fault so they had actually no appropriate to explain war.

In addition, the 13 swarms were unjustified in waging war through England due to the fact that in “The newspaper of Nicholas Cresswell ” Cresswell said, “Everything here is in the utmost confusion.” through this it means that the colonists probally didn’t understand everything that to be going on. They probally thought that England was trying to execute something yes, really horrible, once England might have been trying come help. Additionally the sons of Liberty damaged British property, favor the tea, once it to be the homesteaders that inquiry the tea, England to be confused, and so to be the colonists, why would certainly the have destroyed something lock wanted? Cresswell also said, “The brand-new Englanders by their canting, whining, insinuating tip have persuaded the rest of the swarms that the federal government is walk to do absolute slaves of them.” In this i he stated that the new Englanders use propaganda to to convince the rest of the homesteaders that England is out to obtain them. He stated that the swarms have exaggeration everything and also that they desire to make sure everybody sides v them. Just as in Paul Revere’s cartoon that the “Boston Massacre” the homesteaders persuaded the remainder of the homesteaders that it is every England’s fault, as soon as in fact the events did not occur like that. The 13 nests were unjustified to wage battle on England.

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Finally, in one excerpt from “Considerations…” by cutting board Wheatly he mentioned that, “…a war undertaken for your defense only.” This method that the French and Indian war was dealt with for the protection of the colonies. They have to be grateful. She likewise goes on come say that, “They should contribute to the conservation of the advantages the have received.” by this declare she had actually meant that because the colonies got every the soil England won, castle should have paid taxes because that it. The homesteaders should additionally be thankful that they have actually England to defend their coasts, because that the colonists had no navy and were fragile to any type of sea attack. England to be not against the colonies, castle tried come help. The homesteaders were not justified in commencing a war through England.