With the big night right roughly the corner, the 2017 Journeys different Press Music Awards, sustained by Monster Energy space pleased come announce that fans will as soon as again be able to watch the present live from everywhere in the world! The APMAs will transfer live fromCleveland’s legend Quicken loan Arena starting at 7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT ~ above Monday, July 17.

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This year the APMAs will as soon as again team up through Amazon Music for the exclusive live present of the show, allowing fans to clock in genuine time. The APMAs will certainly be obtainable at www.music.amazon/apmas on mobile phones, Macs and also PCs, as well as globally onAmazon Music‘s official Twitch channel in ~ www.twitch.tv/amazonmusic via all gadgets where the Twitch application is accessible including the Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets, game stations 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Chromecast, Fire TV and also Nvidia Shield. To watch the APMAs on your TV, download the Twitch app from her TV’s app store. Open up the Twitch app and also search because that “amazonmusic.” friend can likewise watch the APMAs via the Twitch platforms on playstations 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Chromecast, Fire TV and also Nvidia Shield. Because that a finish list of platforms go to https://www.twitch.tv/p/platforms.
Before the main event, the red carpet – carried to friend by Monster Energy, Journeys and PRS Guitars – will stream live ~ above Alternative Press‘ on facebook from exterior Cleveland’s Quicken loan Arena in the gateway plaza starting at 3:30 p.m. ET. Radio personality and host that Idobi Radio’s The Gunz Show, Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman, and New years Day‘s commanding frontwoman, Ash Costello, will certainly be your hosts.

In addition, Alternative Press is excited come announce APMAs pan Day, brought to you by Monster Energy and the rock & roll Hall that Fame, indigenous 1 to 7 p.m. ~ above Sunday, July 16. This free event is open to the public and will take location on the Rock room Live phase powered through PNC and also Klipsch Audio mainstage at the rock & roll Hall of fame (1100 rock & roll Blvd, Cleveland, five 44114). It includes a special free concert special 2017 APMAs nominees and also 2016 finest Breakthrough tape award winners State Champs (Best Music Video, Derek DiScanio for finest Vocalist, Ryan Scott Graham for finest Bassist), Broadside (Best secret Band) along with nu metal heavies Islander and up-and-coming pop-punk delegations Carousel Kings and Sleep on It. APMAs pan Day will additionally include an “LGBTQ In Music” panel through APMAs icon Award recipient/Against Me! frontwoman Laura woman Grace and pioneering transgendered steel vocalist Mina Caputo that Life of Agony, with much more panelists to it is in announced. Laura Jane grace will also be signing duplicates of she book, Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most notorious Anarchist Sellout, i m sorry was named as among Billboard’s “100 best Music publications of every Time.” For more information on the absent Hall and its exhibits, visit rockhall.com.

“The APMAs bring some of the most passionate rock fans together in Cleveland,” says the absent & role Hall that Fame’s Vice president of Marketing and Communications Todd Mesek. “It’s the very same kind of energy we see about the Inductions and we’re adding another full day of live music and also programs on July 16. We always define rock and also roll together an attitude and also the bands – and also the fans – in ~ the APMAs are certainly continuing that tradition.”
The party doesn’t stop when the APMAs end: following the key event, Mahall’s in Lakewood (13200 Madison Ave, Lakewood, oh 44107) will host the EMO NITE X APMAS party because that fans.
From 11 p.m. Come 2 a.m., fans have the right to rock out with special guests and perfect-party throwers EMO NITE LA. This occasion is open up to all ages, and also anyone who is familiar with Emo Nite to know to mean some star-studded appearances. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to party v your favourite artists: ticket are accessible now in ~ altpress.com/emonite.
“We had a terrific time at the APMAs critical year and we can’t wait to throw an Emo Nite in Cleveland v Alternative Press,” says Emo Nite’s T.J. Petracca. “We have some incredible surprises planned for this one. You’re not gonna desire to miss it!”

In addition, viewers deserve to expect to check out appearances from Patty Walters of As it Is, Attila, Avatar, Ollie Baxxter of Broadside, Chad ns Ginsburg of CKY, Creeper, run Gavin Dance, Grayscale, Gwar, i Prevail, I view Stars, Jeffree Star, Juliet Simms, LIGHTS, PVRIS, SWMRS, Starset, State Champs, Corey Taylor of Slipknot/Stone Sour, Sleep top top It, sum 41, Jayden Panesso that Sylar, Too Close to Touch, john Floreani that Trophy Eyes, William Control, Jayden Seeley of v Confidence and also Dan “Soupy” Campbell of the Wonder years and more!
Black Veil Brides frontman, Andy Black mastermind and star that the upcoming movie American Satan, Andy Biersack will carry his love the comedy come life together this year’s host. Biersack is nominated for Album the The Year because that his debut solo initiative The shadow Side and Song of The Year because that his dancefloor anthem, “We Don’t need to Dance.”
There are only a couple of days left to actors your vote for your favorite artists, so be sure to make her voice heard below by midnight PT on June 30. Check out a full list that nominees here.
To it is in a part of background at the APMAs, pick up her tickets here! tickets are obtainable now, v a minimal number of VIP packages remaining.
XI Media Productions – named one the the optimal 50 Creatives/Technologists because that 2016 by Studio Daily and winner of end a dozen Telly and DV video clip Awards – will certainly film this year’s production. XI have created live streams watched by numerous music fans all over the nation for Pitchfork, roll Stone, NPR, Vans, Dell, Matador, Merge, Atlantic, Vevo and more.
“The APMAs serve the artists and also fans the celebrate life life at full tilt and also not make sacrifices in stimulate to create the arts that they desire to make and also hear,” claims Founder of XI Media Productions Dusty Kraatz. “XI Media have always approached producing live music content in the exact same way. We have survived this long in the market by constantly taking the punk-rock approach and doing points our very own way. In that respect, partnering v AP to create this year’s APMAs is a perfect fit and feels prefer the culmination of every little thing we have actually done come this point.

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“Our score this year is to permit the intensity and also raw power that is the soul of the APMAs to really shine by developing an award display that isn’t quiet sitting ago and observing indigenous a distance. We are making sure our the town hall audience is looking in ~ their organize Andy Biersack, and the rest of this year’s remarkable lineup the artists, best in the challenge with one unflinching gaze. It’s our goal to make you feeling every little bit of blood, sweat and also fun together it unfolds top top the stage.”
This year’s huge event will attribute amazing performances through All Time Low, against Me!, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, Bone Thugs, Korn, machine Gun Kelly, new Years Day, nothing More, ONE ok ROCK, Pierce The Veil, plain White T’s, PUNK GOES popular music LIVE! spotlighting surprised performances from miscellaneous artists featured on fearless Records’ Punk Goes popular music Vol. 7 (out July 14; digital and physical pre-orders are obtainable here), The quite Reckless and also Sleeping v Sirens, Waterparks and also an epic team drum performance featuring Adrian Young (DREAMCAR, No Doubt) vs. Open minded Zummo (Sum 41, Street drum Corps) and a secret special guest you will not desire to miss.