Caring for bearded dragon eggs might seem difficult at very first but with suitable preparation and preventive measures, it’ll it is in a unique experience because that you and your woman bearded dragon.

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In this guide, you will do it learn:When carry out bearded dragons lay eggs?How come incubate mustache dragon eggs?How to properly care for a gravid moustache dragon.


Beraded Dragon Egg Laying Cycle: What to ExpectWhen carry out Bearded dragon Lay Eggs?How come Tell If mustache Dragon Eggs are FertileHow come Tell once A bearded Dragon Is ready To put EggsHow come Incubate bearded Dragon eggs Without an IncubatorHow To treatment For her Bearded Dragon throughout The Egg Laying ProcessWhen to see a vet?ConclusionFAQsReferences

Beraded Dragon Egg Laying Cycle: What to Expect

Bearded dragons room fascinating reptiles with a complicated breeding cycle. As soon as they reach sexual maturity, mrs bearded dragons have actually the capacity to lay eggs, which can be both fertile and infertile depending on whether they successfully mated through a male during the breeding season. The breeding procedure for bearded dragons is composed of 3 parts: pregnancy, egg-laying, and hatching. 


The development of eggs within a moustache dragon lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks. As the pregnancy goes on, girlfriend might notice your beardie presenting inexplicable behaviors. Tiredness, erratic behavior, and more frequent bowel movements are few of the symptom of pregnancy your female bearded dragon could have. In the days before the egg-laying, you will be able to feel, and even see, the eggs inside of her beardie. During the pregnancy, your animal will require special care and also nourishment. Calcium supplements, vitamins, and also extra protein input are important to make certain the exactly nutritional needs during this time room met. 


Bearded dragon lay eggs in clutches the 15 come 30, i m sorry they later bury in the substrate. They deserve to lay approximately 4 clutches throughout a reproduction season. The egg-laying process is exhausting because that females and also can last up to 48 hours. During egg-laying, her female will current signs of exhaustion. Girlfriend should administer her with a an excellent diet with enhanced protein, calcium supplements, and vitamins to help her get over the physical effort. A destruction box in the enclosure is additionally recommended to provide a location for her beardie to ask her eggs.


Once the eggs are buried in the nest/dig box, the incubation period starts. The embryos inside her bearded dragons’ eggs will be fully developed after around 60 days.

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After the incubation period, your bearded dragon eggs are ready to hatch. The baby bearded dragons will come out of their eggs at various paces and you mustn’t try to sirloin or assist in the process, as you might accidentally damage them.