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"Holden"s unpleasant dormmate, whose personal habits are dirty and also whose room stinks. Holden suspects that Ackley does not brush his teeth and also describes them together mossy. Cursed through acne, Ackley constantly picks at the sores. Ackley dislikes Stadlater, calling the a "son of a bitch." Holden find Ackley poisonous but...

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"Holden"s uncomfortable dormmate, whose an individual habits are dirty and whose room stinks. Holden suspects the Ackley does no brush his teeth and describes them as mossy. Cursed v acne, Ackley constantly picks at the sores. Ackley dislikes Stadlater, calling him a "son of a bitch." Holden finds Ackley venomous but shows up to feel sorry for him at the very same time."

Holden"s dorm neighbor, Robert Ackley, is the type of human who ill from poor hygiene. That doesn"t brush his this properly, that is constantly clipping his nails and leaving his clipped pond in various other peoples rooms. That has terrible skin and is an extremely nosey. Ns think that Holden dislikes Ackley"s nosey actions the most, that is sympathetic come the guy, but he can"t stand it once Ackley walks approximately his room and also touches everything. 

"He began cleaning his fingernails through the end of a match. The was constantly cleaning his fingernails. It to be funny in a way. His this were constantly mossy-looking, and also his ear were constantly dirty as hell, yet he was constantly cleaning his fingernails. I guess he believed that made that a very neat guy." (Salinger) 

Ackley tends to barge into Holden"s room without being invited.

"Hi ns said, yet I didn"t look increase from mine book. With a man like Ackley, if you looked increase from your publication you to be a goner. You were a goner anyway, yet not as rapid if you didn"t watch up right away. He started walking roughly the room, really slow and also all, the means he constantly did, choose up your personal stuff off her desk and also chiffonier. He always picked increase your personal stuff and looked in ~ it. Boy, can he get on your nerves sometimes." (Salinger)