Folks, I have searched. The word bambino is not in the dictionary. A find of Q&A revealed the this is one Italian word which method a tiny child. However, during my travels, i have discovered that this word is used an extremely often through Colombians to average the exact same as in Italian. So does that consumption make this indigenous Spanish? (Or Colombian regional?)

I am interested in understanding in what other countries this word is offered often. Thank you!

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It"s end up being international, like the Spanish" mañana" which is likewise understood readily just about everywhere. Or " siesta".

Yes, Annie, very true! :) back I doubt that there room some human being who use the word an extremely freely without having much idea of exactly how it need to be used! effectively - FELIZ77, ABR 28, 2014

Bambino is certainly the Italian word because that (young) child.

bambino (Italian) = niño (Spanish) criança (Braz Port) enfant (French) = child (English)

Many countries take on foreign words and also assimilate them into their vocabularies yet this go not mean that the word alters its origen!

It remains an Italian word!

The French use some English words and may adjust them a little, because that example; el sandwich and le weekend, The Engish use: nada, (nothing in Spanish ) déjà vu (already checked out in French) and also many various other expressions from various languages

I expect this helps

footnote: maybe someone else could include the Romanian because that child? lol then us would have the romance family members covered in advancement just in instance anyone else desires to recognize it in a various language. Lol Sorry, just my sense of humour!

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It is an italian word an interpretation baby, child, etc. And there is a Bambino who is a music artist.

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