What go chiva mean?

Chiva is a Spanish word because that a “female goat,” amongst other things. It’s well-known as a slang term because that heroin and the surname of a type of vivid bus in countryside Colombia. 

Las Chivas, or “The Goats,” is a renowned nickname for a professional Mexican football club, Club Deportivo Guadalajara. There is likewise a well-known brand the Scotch whisky referred to as Chivas Regal—which has actually nothing to carry out with goats.

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The Latin word for a female goat is capra, which became la chiva in Spanish, las chivas in the plural. 

Chiva as slang because that heroin an initial started to appear in southern and main America and the southerly United States about the 1960s. The name may come native the odor of black-tar heroin, which apparently smells like goats.

Chiva buses very first started showing up in Colombia roughly the start of the 1900s. The surname most likely comes with the buses’ capacity to handle rough mountainous terrain like goats can. In the 2000s, Colombians significantly imported chiva buses as party buses in significant cities approximately the world.


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In Mexico, chivas call up Club Deportivo Guadalajara, founded as Unión Football club 1906. Castle earned the nickname Las Chivas in September, 1948 ~ a Jalisco-area newspaper ran the headline: “Jugaron A las Carreras Y Ganaron ras ‘Chivas’ Uno A Cero,” which about translates to “Played the Races and also Won the ‘Goats’ One to Zero.” The short article describes just how the team pulled off an i can not qualify victory against their rivals—though lock played favor crazy goats, or las chivas locas. But hey, goats are additionally tough, man. The team and also fans taken on the nicknamed, even adopting a goat together its mascot.

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There was briefly a Chivas USA soccer team based in Los Angeles, CA, yet it to be disbanded in 2014.

Now, come the whisky. Chivas Regal began in Scotland by brothers James and John Chivas, that owned a grocery store store recognized for its age whiskies. The castle Chivas is said to come native a Scottish Gaelic root meaning “narrow location by the river.” Later owner of the store occurred their namesake, Chivas Regal, in 1909 through their first Scotch whisky. Together of 2018, Chivas Regal is owned by French beverage conglomerate, Pernod Ricard.