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GM an interpretation in Measurement

GramUnit of mass in the SI system of weights. Symbol g. A metric unit the mass, equal to 1/1000 the a kilogram. Kilograms are the base SI units because that mass, not grams. A gram is metric unit of measure for mass. That is the load of one milliliter of water in ~ a temperature that 39.2 levels Fahrenheit. The basic unit of fixed in the metric system.

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What walk GM stand for Measurement?

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What go GM an interpretation stand for Measurement?

GM definition stands because that Gram.

What is the meaning of GM abbreviation in Measurement?

The meaning of GM abbreviation is `Gram` in Measurement. What is GM an interpretation ? GM an interpretation is "Gram". What does GM average in Measurement? GM typical that "Gram" for Measurement. What is GM acronym ? GM acronym is "Gram". What is shorthand that Gram ? The shorthand the "Gram" is GM. What is the meaning of GM acronym in Measurement? definitions of GM shorthand is "Gram". What is the full form of GM abbreviation? Full type of GM abbreviation is "Gram". What is the full meaning of GM in Measurement? Full definition of GM is "Gram". What is the explanation because that GM in Measurement? Explanation for GM is "Gram".
What is the meaning of GM Abbreviation in Astrology ?

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GM Abbreviation in Astrology GM (letter G)

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GM (letter M)

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