The go Dead makes good use of pop culture and literary references, but the location of Sunday"s illustration is a bit of a stumper. What go "JSS" mean on The wade Dead ? While that sounds like some kind of computer programming language, ns don"t think that"s what it translates to ~ above this series.

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In the sneak peek for the episode that was shown during The talk Dead, we experienced Enid compose these letter on a car window as she struggle from oncoming Walkers. However, she didn"t create them backwards so that others could read ~ above the outside. They were encountering inward, for she to read. Was the deliberate? What does that mean? i don"t know any type of codes the would translate "JSS" to "911" or "SOS" or any kind of other recognizable contact for help.

Enid has actually been secret from the start. She was uncovered alone and brought to Alexandria. She doesn"t think that they belong inside the walls of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Is she a mole? was she the one blowing the dang horn? has actually she seen even more terrible things than the rest of the survivors? The reality that the illustration title is connected to one of her actions way that we"re finally going to learn much more about Enid top top The wade Dead, therefore let"s begin with this very first mystery.

John Singer Sargeant


One person IRL who had actually these initials is this American impressionist. John Singer Sargent was known for his murals, watercolors, and also most prominently because that his portraits. If the Alexandria Safe-Zones go create video portraits that its residents, ns don"t think there"s a connection — particularly considering how isolated Enid is indigenous the remainder of the community. Still, it would be amazing to watch a neighborhood or a team on The wade Dead who offers a dead artist together a guide or code. A Caravaggio painting was featured in the illustration "Slabtown" critical season, after ~ all.


I mean... I don"t know. I know that I speak a lot of about religious imagery top top this show, however there is a character comes on the present whose nickname is Jesus — Paul Monroe. Writer troy L. Blacksmith from the Northeast Ohio Media Group additionally speculated that JSS could stand because that this character, but also detailed that Paul Monroe isn"t scheduled to present up for number of weeks. There is likewise a character called Jessie, therefore we may be totally off v this one.

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A Slogan

Multiple Reddit users have speculated that JSS could be a catchphrase such as "Just remain Still," "Just stay Safe," or also "Just start Shooting." In the Season 5 TWD finale, the wolf told Morgan to "just it is in still" — which loosely connects Enid come the wolf if you subscribe to the theory.

Something To perform With Enid"s Mother

Enid talked briefly around her mother in her heart to hearts v Carl. We understand that Enid carries her mother"s knife, and also asked Carl if it matters what wake up to her. Might she it is in alive?