(contr. That malo used prior to m. Sing. Nouns) bad mal tiempo - bad weather


vicio evil, dorn daño damage, harm desgracia misfortune enfermedad illness, disease medicine epilepsy

del mal, el menos the lesser of two evils

echar a mal to scorn, despise

hacer mal come harm, pains

llevar or tomar a mal to it is in offended, take offense

mal caducomedicine epilepsy

mal de las vacas locasmedicine mad cow disease

mal de la tierra homesickness

mal de mar seasickness

mal de montaña altitude sickness

mal de ojo angry eye

mal de piedramedicine gallstones

mal de mountain Lázaromedicine elephantiasis

¡mal haya! damn!

parar en mal to involved a poor end

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badly, poorly portarse mal - to behave badly desacertadamente wrongly, mistakenly difícilmente fixed mal puedo ayudarte - I can hardly help you de modo infeliz bad la empresa le salió mal - the enterprise turned the end badly for him

de mal en peor from bad to worse

mal que bien willy-nilly, any type of which method

menos mal just also

si mal no recuerdo if ns remember properly


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instances quotes lungemine.com recommendation WordFinder

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