It’s been two weeks due to the fact that season 2 of Selena: The Series premiered earlier this month. By now countless fans have already binged the second half of the so late singer’s story which revived a slew the emotions native long-time fans and also newbies. Nevertheless, fans still enjoyed the more recent tidbits the were revealed. As the so late singer’s career and also her untimely passing ongoing to unfold in the second season, one tender minute within the series stood out to fans; the origins of “No Me Queda Más.”

There was ecstatic shock once a young Beyoncé met the singer, tender family moments, and of food sadness once hearing “Dreaming that You.” However, what constantly remains is the melancholia that v each retelling is the faint possibility for an alternating ending.

Fond memory of a social icon that felt choose a household member haven’t ceased as dedicated fans actively keep her memory alive. Even if it is it it is in on Twitter or TikTok, the Queen that Tejano’s fanbase have a most thoughts about the series.

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For some, the series felt like one more reason to relive the late singer’s influential legacy. But others were an essential of the adaptation, hope it would deliver a an ext intimate look into the singer’s life. Commentary around who it s okay to tell Selena’s story began to climb as adoring pan wished to know her better; especially from widowed husband chris Perez’s perspective.

“No Me Queda Más” currently hits different, but fans can’t get over the song’s backstory.

In a scene from episode six, Selena (Christian Serratos) is in the studio record the bolero together songwriter Ricky Vela (Hunter Reese Peña) and her sister Suzette (Noemi Gonzalez) watch her. Vela’s face is remarkable somber, though he do the efforts to continue to be stoic as Selena continues singing.

Tenderly, a freshly married Suzette areas her hand ~ above his shoulder and also compliments that on the song. “Who knew you had it in you,” she tells him. Heartbroken, a single tear drops down Vela’s cheek together he struggles to smile.

Immediately Selena captures on as an oblivious Suzette pipeline the studio. Singing through conviction, Selena comfortingly gazes in ~ Vela that wipes away his tears as the lyrics market reassurance.

Aside from Chris and Selena’s love story, various other romantic feelings brewed in ~ the band.

Ricky Vela joined Selena y Los Dinos in 1985 together a songwriter and also keyboard artist, having actually remained v the band until Selena’s passing. In this time that is credited for having actually written or co-written several of Selena’s classic hits choose “La Llamada,” “Fotos y Recuerdos,” and “El Chico del Apartment 512.”

It has additionally been confirmed by Abraham Quintanilla III, Selena and Suzette’s father, the Vela had actually feelings for Suzette. In a 1994 Billboard interview, Quintanilla spoke around Vela together a “shy person, one introvert.” mindful of Vela’s feelings because that his daughter Quintanilla attempted to obtain him to admit his feelings to her, yet he wouldn’t.

“I know Ricky chosen her because he would tell me,” Quintanilla told Billboard. “And I would kid about with Ricky and say, ‘Hey, Ricky, you prefer her? talk to her!’ and also he wouldn’t perform it.”

In 1993, Suzette married bill Arriaga whom she recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. The song, written in 1994, showed up on “Amor Prohibido,” Selena’s 4th studio album. At one point the song almost didn’t do it ~ above the album, however it’s safe to speak we’re all happier that it did.

Fan reactions to “No Me Queda Más” empathized through Vela’s sentiments.

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Telling the story of unrequited love, “No Me Queda Más” is perhaps one of the many relatable songs for anyone that has remained in a situationship or friend-zoned. Heartfelt and sincere, the song’s lyricism perfect encapsulates the emotional defeat and also best wishes because that that distinct someone.

As if the track wasn’t emotionally enough, it currently hits different as fans reacted to the scene on society media.

I’m sorry yet when Ricky started crying as soon as Suzette placed her hand top top his shoulder, due to the fact that he knew that didn’t have a possibility with her, and SELENA to sing NO ME QUEDA MAS #SelenaTheSeries

— Quan (
QuanSimon20) might 5, 2021

no one:me tonight since i feeling for ricky:#SelenaTheSeries

— linneth