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Have a work rig the is a 98 dodge Caravan 3.3L. It"s enduring the exact same light flashing gremlins the I view posted from rather referring come the Front regulate Module (FCM) and corrosion. My inquiry is, what particularly does the FCM look like for my year? can anyone send or short article me a picture? I understand it"s somewhere alongside or in the fuse box under the hood ~ above the driver"s side. If ns knew specifically what that looked choose on my occupational rig, I can probably discover it faster. Is the under the fusebox...? Thanks,Mockfish

Your van doesn"t have actually a Front regulate Module (FCM). FCMs first appeared on 4th generation vans (2001-2007). They are attached on the front of the PDC - thats the fuse box next to the battery.
Your valve doesn"t have a Front manage Module (FCM). FCMs very first appeared on 4th generation vans (2001-2007) and also according come one short article on a few select 2000s. They are attached ~ above the former of the PDC - it is the fuse box next to the battery.

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Oh.:blink: therefore what if my work rig is act the exact same thing. Mine headlights will flash on and also off. The revolve lights flash. The within dash lights (including radio lights) etc. Flash. It additionally continues sometimes after I turn the car off. It did this 3-4 weeks ago, and I changed the battery. That worked for a about 3 weeks....What else can it be????

Since every was well for a period after a battery readjust I would certainly suspect one of two people a problem with a battery cable or link or a feasible parasitic battery drainpipe slowly illustration the battery"s present capacity. Check out last short article here: drainThe vans electronic devices are sensative to short voltage/current. Her symptoms are a standard sign. Another possibility would certainly be the Body control Module (BCM). As soon as you readjusted the battery friend reset it. Shot pulling the IOD fuse beside the battery for 2-3 minutes. This will reset that again.Edit

Check her batter connections. Mine to be corroded and making bad contact so i was enduring the symptoms the you space describing.
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