What walk Kiera mean?


▼ together a girls" name is that Greek origin, and the name Kiera way "black; lord". Kiera is a variant kind of Ciara (Irish, Gaelic). Kiera is also a variation of Kira (Greek).STARTS with Ki-

ASSOCIATED v greek, black


VARIANTS Kirya, Kirra▼, Kiriah, Kiria, Kierra▼, Kiara▼, Keira▼, Keera, Keara▼

RELATED develops VIA CIARA, KIRA Ceara, Chiara, Ciaara, Ciaran, Ciarra▼, Cieara, Ciearra, Ciera▼, Cieria, Cierra▼, Cierrah, Siara, Sierra

CREATIVE FORMS(female) Kieka, .. (male) Kiela, .. Center NAME PAIRINGSKiera Kenslee (K.K.), ..

How renowned is Kiera?

Kiera is a rather popular an initial name because that females (#2363 out of 4276, height 55%) yet a rare surname for every people. (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Kiera was an initial listed in 1980-1989 and also reached that apex location of #293 in the U.S. In 2007, and is at #851 currently. (TOP 2000 NAMES, 2018)



Which version is better?

Prominent variation creates of Kiera (#851 IN current RANKINGS) space Kiara (#336), Keira (#365), Kira (#378), Sierra (#452), Ciara (#1007), Chiara (#1391), Ceara, Ciarra, Ciera, Cierra, Keara, Kierra, Kirra and also Siara. Other variants, choose Ciearra, are seldom used. Consumption of these relationships of Kiera got to its highest 19 years earlier (MEDIAN #842) and also is now substantially lower (#1385, ▼74%).

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Similar Names

Kiera▼ is pronounced likewise to Cora▼, Kaira, Kara▼, Karah, Karrah, Karri▼, Kary, Keearra, Kera, Keree, Keri▼, Kerra, Kerria, Kerry▼, Kiarra▼, Kiri, Kora▲, Korri, Korry, Kory, Kyra▼, Kyrah, Kyrha, Kyria and also Kyrra. Various other recommended sound-alike names space Amera, Cera, Cira, Diedra, Eidra, Eigra, Eira, Emera, Fiora, Hera, Kaela▼, Kaeya, Keela, Kena, Kiana▼, Kicia, Kiesha, Kilea, Kimba, Kindra, Kineta, Kinna, Kiona, Kisha▼, Kitra, Kiva, Klara, Klea, Liora, Lira, Meera▲, Mera, Mirra, Mitra, Neera, Nera, Nira, Pera, Piera, Pietra, Sera, Shera, Sidra, Siera, Tera▼, Tiara▼, Tiera▼, Tierra▼, Uira and Vera▼. These names tend to it is in less typically used 보다 Kiera.