Bleach: how Nelliel ended up being the Most unique (and Noble) Espada Nelliel to be an Espada unlike any of the rather in Bleach, seeking purpose and also compassion in battle.

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countless of Bleach"s villains room simply past redemption because all they desire is power, regularly at the price of others. Captain Sosuke Aizen stole the research of Kisuke Urahara and hatched a grand setup to i think the throne that heaven, and he created the unmasked Arrancars to assist him. But one Arrancar to be different: Nelliel Tu Odelschwank.

Nelliel was among an previously generation of she kind before Ichigo fought Ulquiorra and also Grimmjow in the main story. From the very start, Nelliel had actually a an excellent heart, promise to represent a readjust for the far better among her kind. Sadly, betrayal cut that idea short.

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Nelliel was as soon as a powerful Menos Grande and became an Arrancar. She granted the location of #3 among the powerful Espadas, Aizen"s optimal minions. The Espadas were a corridor of bloodthirsty, self-centered thugs, however Nelliel to be different: she never combated in the fight for its own sake, rather of fighting because that clear functions such as protecting her dear fracciones or just to safeguard herself. To her, battle was no a course to glory or honor; it was a bloody tool supplied to shield the innocent from harm. Although Nelliel was among the strongest Arrancars of she time, her perspective made her a target, and also Nnoitora and Szayelaporro Grantz despised her.

Nnoitora Gilga in certain sought power over all else; he might only prove his worth by taking on, and also defeating the the strongest of foes. His an individual goal was not unlike the of Grimmjow, and it made him Nelliel"s complete opposite. Nelliel"s compassionate nature stand out clearly next come Nnoitora"s selfish and also thuggish ways, leading to a feud that culminated in Nelliel"s expulsion indigenous the Espadas entirely. Nelliel refuse to misuse her stamin to bully the weak or look for shallow validation from winning battles. If she gained her way, she"d never had actually to attract her zanpakuto again, but she drew it every time Nnoitora challenged her.

Nnoitora eventually teamed up through Szayelaporro Grantz to take Nelliel the end of the photo once and for all. Castle distracted her v an explosive that injured she fracciones, climate Nnoitora ambushed her and wounded her head through his blade. Nelliel"s spiritual push leaked from she wound and Nnoitora tossed she weakened body off of ras Noches" palace roof and into the Hueco Mundo desert. Nelliel"s compassionate ways had failed her... Because that now.

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Her True Strength

Nelliel returned as Nel, a toddler with no storage of her previous life. She met Ichigo, Uryu and also the others when they invaded Hueco Mundo, and she was existing as Ichigo combated the Espadas. As soon as Ichigo to be cornered through Nnoitora, Nel to be distraught and her full power returned, together with her adult type and memories. When again, Nelliel to be fighting because that the services of others, no herself, and also that demonstrated clear toughness of character and body. Nnoitora"s consistent pursuit of strength was futile, but Nelliel"s compassion and also mercy defended the lives of other people and also helped create a better world.

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Nelliel risked she life to save Ichigo safe and repay him because that protecting her up till this point. The only reason she fail to complete the fight against Nnoitora was that her momentary adult form wore out. Till then, however, Nelliel verified that even among the Arrancars in the cruel world of Hueco Mundo, compassion and faith in others constantly trumped selfish ambition and treachery.

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