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I identify I’m the mom. I really do enjoy crafting the heck out that my kids costumes, also though I end up spending way more money (and time) than if I had just gone and bought a costume at Target. This year, our girls space low an essential obsessed v Harry Potter. Together a family, we read the third book the end loud end the summer and it was such fun. It was no surprise when we beginning talking about Halloween costumes the Isabella, my ripe year-old redhead, chose to it is in Ginny Weasley. Lucy, my seven year-old who never ever goes for the traditional, chose to be Errol, the Weasley’s owl.

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While do Lucy’s high maintenance costume, i literally claimed “you will certainly wear this or i will never buy you an additional costume. EVER.” It was rough. However we realized that the equipment would get Lu excited around the costume – so I determined to make her a Howler. Honestly, it’s everything.

If friend don’t mental the plot, Errol it is intended a Howler (letter the screams) come Ron Weasley native Mrs. Weasley after ~ Harry and also Ron steal the family flying car.

There space lots of an excellent tutorials out there on just how to make a Howler that’s oragami, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it in reality howl, i m sorry is yes, really the whole point of a Howler. For this reason our howler looks much more like a timeless card than the howler native Harry Potter however its still epic and also amazing. And it wasn’t too expensive or complicated to make.

Ron Weasley’s Howler


Make Time:10 minutes

Cost:$5 – 10

Difficulty Level:Easy – Moderate

Materials Needed:

Red cardstockWhite Cardstock (with totally free Printable)Red Satin RibbonRed sheer RibbonScissors

Here’s the full video tutorial, but read listed below for tips, tip and more details top top the tutorial.


Print this ^^^^^ top top white cardstock and cut.

Cut Red Cardstock to:

• 8.5×5.5″ (folded in half)

• 6×5.5

• (2) 1.5×5.5″

Use Recordable greeting map to record Howler! eliminate old card exterior and also trim to fit inside brand-new card. Affix come red cardstock 8.5 x 5.5″ in ~ crease. Wrinkle 6 x 5.5″ red cardstock to ar overtop the electronics of the recordable message.Use irreversible tape runner for simple application and also for continuing to be power!

Using Ron Weasley printed howler piece, fold in half so the message is no seen. Then accordion fold the two sides about 2/3. Then wrinkles again.

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At center of the fold, reduced a one inch slit and tape red satin ribbon inside.

Taking the accordion urgent message, tape one next to within of red card, about 3/4 inch down. Tape various other side that white document and fold the red card on chin so the blog post is tape-recorded to open up properly. Just watch the video clip – it will certainly make much more sense. LOL

Take piece of printable on cardstock. Use the two lengthy one customs pieces and fold accordion style. Reduced one finish of the accordion come a point (to kind teeth). Wrinkles in half lengthwise so that accordion points pop outward.Take Red cardsctock pieces(2) 1.5×5.5″ and fold in half lengthwise. Then fold ends in ~ above themselves. Affix come top and bottom ends of the within of the map so the folds challenge to the outside.Affix accordion teeth to red folds so they pop out.OPTIONAL: placed card to the side. Put giant glob of hot glue on paper. Take it a harry Potter pin and also spray with cooking oil. Press pin into the warm glue and also remove. As soon as dry, repaint with black color acrylic paint. When largely dry, use dauber to repaint the high points v gold paint.Close card and wrap satin ribbon approximately the outside. Adhesive on end on the next closest to the fold and also place a Velcro Dit on top.Wrap ribbon about the card and also glue down. Glue Ron Weasley’s resolve on the side through no ends.At the other loose end, adhesive the various other velcro dot and faux wax seal.DA-TA!

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