An area of soil drained by a river and its tributaries.

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BeachThe sandy or rocky land at the sheet of an ocean, sea, or lake.
CanyonThis is a long narrow valley with high, steep sides.
CapeA pointed item of land that projects from a coastline.
CliffThis is a sheer, steep face of rock.
DeltaThis is a deposit the sand and also soil at the mouth the a river.
EscarpmentThis is a steep cliff.
KnollAn also smaller hill is dubbed this.
MountainThis is the landform highest above sea level.
Ocean TrenchA deep, small canyon in the s floor is referred to as this.
PampasThis is comprehensive generally grass covered plain.
PeninsulaWhat a human body of land surrounding by water on three sides is called.
PlainThis is an area that level or rolling land.
SeaA big body of salt water completely or partially enclosed by land.
RangeA heat or chain that mountains deserve to be called this.
SavannaA grassland located in the tropics the this.
SteppeRussia is famous for this flat, treeless, halfdry land.
GulfA large area of salt water bigger than a bay reaching into land.
SwampThis is low-lying soil on which water collects.
TundraIn the artic areas a flat or rolling level is referred to as this.
PrairieThis French word means a temperate grassland with couple of trees.
ArchipelagoA team or chain of island.
RiverA organic stream the water bigger than a creek emptying into an ocean, lake, or an additional river.
BadlandsThis rocky wasteland has actually been sculpted by erosion into intricate.
CanopyTop class of a rain forest where the top of tall trees come together.
Coastal PlainA level or rolling piece of land at, near, or along the coast.
ContinentThis term have the right to refer to any of the seven biggest land masses top top earth.
CrustThe earth's surface ar is consisted of of this an extremely thin class of heavy rock.
IslandAny human body of land completely surrounded by water can be called this.
DuneThis is what we call a ridge of sand piled increase by the wind.
BayA part of a sea or lake, indenting the shore line not as large as a gulf.

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StraitA small waterway connecting two large bodies the water.
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