In one type or another, the idea of atoms connecting to kind larger substances has been with us because that a long time. The Greek thinker Democritus (460-370 BCE) thought that atoms had actually hooks that permitted themto affix with one another. Today, we think that atoms are held together by bonds formed when 2 atoms re-superstructure a collection of electrons—a lot more complex picture 보다 the an easy hooks that Democritus believed in.

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Single Covalent Bonds

A covalent bond develops when two orbitals with one electron every overlap one another. For the hydrogen molecule, this can be displayed as:


Upon formation of the (ceH_2) molecule, the mutual electrons must have opposite spin, therefore they are shown with opposite turn in the atomic (1s) orbital.

The halogens also kind single covalent binding in their diatomic molecules. An atom of any kind of halogen, such together fluorine, has seven valence electrons. That unpaired electron is situated in the (2p) orbital.


The solitary electrons in the third (2p) orbital integrate to form the covalent bond:

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The oxygen atom complies with the octet dominance with 2 pairs that bonding electrons and also two lone pairs. Each hydrogen atom complies with the octet rule with one bonding pair that electrons.