Hitting Volleys in tennis is just one of my favourite parts due to the fact that they space exciting and fast-paced!

Volleys are provided a many in doubles tennis i m sorry is what I have played for many of mine tennis play days.

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What is the best strategy because that hitting a solid volley?

It all starts with discovering what a volley actually is.

In this blog post we will certainly cover whatever you need to know around how come hit a volley in tennis and also the finest ways to exercise this vital shot.

What is a volley in tennis?Tennis Volley GripVolley varieties You should KnowHow come Hit a Forehand VolleyHow to Hit a Backhand VolleyWhat is a half volley in tennis?How to Hita autumn VolleyVolley in Tennis TechniqueTennis Volley Drills come Improve

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What is a volley in tennis?

A volley is a shoot in tennis whereby the player return the ball before it bounces on their side of the court.

It is a challenging shot and not all players are great at it but if you follow these advice you will be able to hit a strong volley in tennis.

Tennis Volley Grip

What grip should you use for a volley shot?

The continental forehand tight is what many tennis football player use once hitting a volley.

This will give you some great control because that a an effective shot.

You can read much more about the different tennis grips here.

Volley species You should Know

Did you understand that there are different shots you have the right to use because that volleys?

The most usual volleys space forehand and backhand.

These shots space usually close come the net and also are quick.

They can also feel a bit awkward when beginning out if you have mainly to be practicing groundstrokes and tennis serves.

As your an approach improves you will be able to hit them with control and also accuracy to do them a win shot.

Drop volleys and fifty percent volleys are also shots that we will comment on in this post.

Half volleys need a bit more coordination and can be really effective if girlfriend know exactly how to carry out them correctly.

Drop volleys can also be effective however are more difficult to execute because they call for a touch of luck together well.

It is necessary for competitive players to know these shots and practice lock in order come hit volleys through success.

They have the right to make the difference in between winning or shedding if supplied correctly.

How to Hit a Forehand Volley in Tennis

The an initial thing you require to know when hitting a forehand volley is the you will be using the racket to beat the ball instead of a full-on swing.

As we talked about earlier you will certainly be utilizing a continental grip and also be in a ready stance prior to the sphere reaches you.

Your ready stance should have actually your knee slightly bent and also both feet must be pointing in the direction of the net.

Make sure that your racket is up and also ready to hit together well.

Once your enemy has struggle the round you will want to do a separation step and bring her racket ago slightly so the you deserve to make contact and punch it end the net.

Then get ago into all set position!

How come Hit a Backhand Volley in Tennis

The an approach used come hit a backhand volley is very comparable to that of a forehand volley.

However, the big difference is that you will need to hit the round with your backhand and also roll it over the network after making contact with the ball.

You will certainly still use the same continental grip and straight eight pointing down the line, however, you will must rotate your body in a clockwise fashion.

After rotating ago and right into the position you will point your elbow the end at an angle that is parallel with the ground and also then press forward ~ above the ball.

Remember that this hit is much more like a punch through the racket instead of a swing.

What is a half volley in tennis?

A half volley is a shot the is fight high increase in the air and also when the bounces off of the ground, which provides your adversary less time to react.

Half volleys are frequently used to pressure an error from enemies by attacking them in ~ a much quicker pace 보다 they have the right to deal with.

Half volleys room shots the you should not usage often and also mean the you either require to get up closer to the net or back to the baseline.

How to Hit a fall Volley

You will want to fight a fall volley as soon as the ball is either at net elevation or lower.

This shooting is usually used to surprise enemies who room expecting a groundstroke.

The fall volley likewise has the capacity to be play cross-court or under the line, which can keep your opponent on their toes and also not discovering where they have to stand in order for you come hit this kind of ball.

You want to contact the ball and use your racket confront to press it earlier in the direction it came from.

This is not simple shot come make, yet it is a good skill to have actually in your arsenal.


Volley in tennis technique

What is the best technique for hitting volleys?

For many people, the easiest way to learn just how to fight a volley is through practicing top top your own without any kind of pressure indigenous an opponent.

One of my favorite means to perform this is by making use of a wall.

I offered to hit so plenty of balls versus a wall, trying different grips and shots.

Eventually, I started scoring top top the various other side of the court while just using volleys!

As a doubles player, ns feel choose the volley shot is one of my many used strokes as I spend a many time at the net.

You might use the a lot together a singles player too if you have tendency to pat aggressively at the net.

Another an approach you can try is through hitting with a friend or practice companion who will certainly rally ago and forth with you.

The crucial is practicing over time and also frequently so the you have the right to hit a volley repetitively with confidence.

Tennis Volley Drills to Improve

What is just one of the best ways come prove your volleying capabilities because that your following tennis match?

Do part tennis drills!

Tennis drills will assist you improve the power and also accuracy of her shots.

This volley drills can be great addition to any kind of tennis lesson or practice.

ABC Tennis Volley Drill

I have no reservation what the actual surname of this drill is yet it is one i recall law in both high school and also tennis.

For this volley drill friend will need a tennis partner to perform it with.

You will certainly each was standing at the mid-court line and also hit volleys ago as long as possible.

You deserve to go v the alphabet together you hit them.

One human being says “A” the following says “B” and also so on and also so on.

See if you can do enough back and soon volleys in a row without make a mistake to get through the entirety alphabet.

You could likewise use a wall for this drill if girlfriend can’t discover someone to exercise hitting the sphere with.

Fast and Furious Feeder Volley Drill

In this drill you will want to have a human being or machine feed friend volleys right near the net.

You will want to stand 3-4 feet earlier from the network while the feeder hits shots easily toward you that you use your volley shot come return.

This drill keeps you on her toes and should enhance your reaction time.

Volley Drill to improve Accuracy

One of the most important skills in tennis is the capability to struggle a clean and accurate volley.

For this drill friend will desire to collection out part targets so the you will have something to aim for.

You can use cones (like these) or whatever else you would favor as lengthy as you can see if from whereby you space standing.

Have someone feeding you balls and also hit the volley if aiming at a particular target.

Put her targets in placed that friend think would certainly be good to hit during a complement like the back corners.

Tennis Volley Drill come Practice as soon as Alone

If you room alone the ideal drill to practice the volley is to find a wall and use that as your opponent.

You will want to was standing a couple of feet away from the wall surface and try to keep the round in the waiting by volleying versus the wall surface for as long as possible.

To do it much more fun count how plenty of hits you space able to store going before a mistake is made and also then try to store beating the number.

Practicing tennis alone can actually be really effective and also the wall surface is your best friend.


Feeling Confident about Your Tennis Volley Shot?

Now the you’ve learned how to hit a tennis volley, it is time to practice these skills.

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You can do this by practicing top top your own or with someone that knows what they space doing.

The an ext you play and also the far better you obtain at volleying, the less likely an enemy will be able to keep up through your shots!

Whether you want to learn exactly how to serve favor Serena Williams or simply boost your game for society purposes, i hope this tips aid take your level of beat in singles tennis from amateurish (or even beginner) every the means up come expert-level status!

Let me know if over there is anything rather we have the right to answer for you about playing tennis through commenting on the on facebook page!