Point to allude topology is the simplest topology the connects two nodes directly together with a common link. The whole bandwidth the the usual link is scheduled for transmission between those 2 nodes. The point-to-point relationships use one actual length of wire or cable to affix the 2 ends, however other options, such together satellite links, or microwaves are likewise possible.

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When you readjust TV networks by remote, friend are creating a point-to-point connection between the far control and also the TV’s control system.

The carry of data in a point-to-point topology can be in many ways across the network: in a simplex, in full duplex, or fifty percent duplex.

In Simplex mode of communication, signal flows in ONE direction and also only one node transmit and also the various other receives.In fifty percent duplex setting of communication, each node deserve to transmit and receive however NOT in ~ the very same time.In Full-duplex setting of communication, both station transmit and also receive simultaneously.

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This simplistic topology is really easy come install and maintain, and it is designed for very small networks. In fact, this type of network has actually a major disadvantage that it deserve to only take care of two nodes in a network.


Advantages of suggest to allude Topology:

Highest Bandwidth because there is only two nodes having entire bandwidth that a linkVery simple connectivityIt gives low LatencyEasy come handle and also maintainNode can be replaced in few seconds

Disadvantages of point to point Topology:

This topology is only offered for little areas wherein nodes are very closely located.The whole network relies on the common channel in case of link broken entire network will end up being dead.There is another significant drawback of this topology there are just two nodes if any kind of of the node stops working, data can not be transfer across the network.

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For example, if there room two pcs in the network and also one of them breaks, friend cannot deliver or receive information from a damaged PC.