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Kevin Gates
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Kevin Gilyard, who goes through the name Kevin Gates, to be born on February 5, 1986, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He got national attention when, in 2008, he released the solitary “Get in the Way” through a guest vocal from Lil Boosie. After offer a prison sentence till 2011, Kevin entrances came under the monitoring of Young Money to chat – own by Lil Wayne – and also released his mixtape The Luca Brasi Story in 2013. That was well-known by Spin magazine as one of the rappers come watch.

Kevin gateways was later signed come Atlantic Records, and also released the album Stranger than Fiction in the summer that 2013, special appearances by Wiz Khalifa and also Juicy J. He adhered to Stranger than Fiction with the 2nd album by Any way in 2014, and also that year, he was named by XXL newspaper as part of your Dirty Dozen Freshman course of 2014. His sophomore album went to #17 on the Billboard 200 perform the main it come out.

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You will desire to call the push team the Kevin Gates. Call Kevin Gates’s publicist to inquire about any media inquiries. You can acquire the contact details for Kevin entrances press team in ~ Booking agent Info.
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