What is Polonius’s arrangement for testing his concept that Hamlet is love-crazy? Quote one heat that says that Polonius is questioning Hamlet’s madness.

Polonius"s plan for testing his concept that Hamlet is love-crazy for his daughter Ophelia is come arrange a case where he and also Hamlet"s uncle, King Claudius, have the right to eavesdrop on a conversation between Hamlet and Ophelia. They want to recognize whether Hamlet is truly mad because that Ophelia"s love, or if there is part other resource of Hamlet"s strange and also seemingly mad behavior.

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In plot 2, scene 2 the Shakespeare"s Hamlet, Polonius goes come Hamlet"s uncle, King Claudius, and mother, Queen Gertrude, through the news that he"s uncovered why Hamlet has actually been acting so strangely.

POLONIUS. I will be brief: your noble child is mad... (2.2.98)

Polonius broadens on...

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In action 2, scene 2 of Shakespeare"s Hamlet, Polonius goes come Hamlet"s uncle, King Claudius, and also mother, Queen Gertrude, through the news the he"s discovered why Hamlet has actually been acting so strangely.

POLONIUS. I will be brief: her noble kid is mad... (2.2.98)

Polonius increases on this statement, saying that Hamlet is mad for the love of his daughter, Ophelia. That produces a letter indigenous Hamlet to Ophelia to prove it (2.2.116-129). Polonius is persuaded that Hamlet is mad for Ophelia"s love by the letter and by Ophelia"s report to him in act 2, scene 1 of Hamlet"s important bizarre behavior towards she while she was alone in her rooms.

Little did Ophelia or Polonius realize the Hamlet was merely acting crazy—what Hamlet phone call "To placed an antic disposition on" (1.5.192)—when he appeared to Ophelia unannounced and also with his clothing in full disarray.

Polonius concocts a scheme through which he and Claudius will place themselves to secretly eavesdrop on a conversation in between Ophelia and Hamlet. They expect to recognize if Hamlet important is love-sick for Ophelia, or if there"s some various other reason for Hamlet"s erratic behavior.

POLONIUS. You know, occasionally he walks 4 hours togetherHere in the lobby.

QUEEN. Therefore he walk indeed.

POLONIUS. At such a time I"ll loosened my daughter to him.Be you and also I behind one arras then;Mark the encounter. If he love she not,And he no from his factor fall"n thereon... (2.2.171-177)

Later in that same scene, Hamlet and Polonius have an strange conversation in i m sorry Hamlet calls Polonius a "fishmonger" (2.2.187), asks Polonius if he has actually a daughter (while discovering quite fine he go (2.2.195)), and maligns Polonius by mocking old human being (2.2.208-215).

Polonius pauses for simply a moment to consider that there could be something much more to Hamlet"s odd habits than his love for Ophelia.

POLONIUS. Despite this it is in madness, however there is a an approach in"t.— (2.2.216)

In action 3, step 1, Polonius has an chance to test his theory about the resource of Hamlet"s madness. His test gives mixed results. Claudius is no at all convinced that Hamlet is mad for Ophelia"s love, and also he has serious doubt whether Hamlet is mad in ~ all.

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KING. Love? His affections do not that method tend;Nor what he spake, despite it lack"d form a little,Was not prefer madness. (3.1.171-173)

Nevertheless, in spite of his misgivings and also the occasions of plot 2, step 2, Polonius is deeply encouraged that his theory around the source of Hamlet"s wildly is correct. He think it is all due to a forbidden love because that Ophelia.

POLONIUS. However yet execute I believeThe origin and also commencement the his griefSprung indigenous neglected love. (3.1.185-187)