Shawn Mendes is our #MCM this week, and also it's no just since he offers us all the feels every time us hear is flawless voice. Shawn may be the only human we've met to competitor our Harry Potter obsession and he has worked with for this reason many good charities to do this people a much better place for united state all. We might go on and on with factors why we adore him, however these space the most vital ones.

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Full name: Shawn Peter Raul Mendes (Sounds prefer the name of a Disney prince, tbh)

Hometown: Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Zodiac sign: Leo (He's most compatible v Aries, Sagittarius and also Aquarius!)

Favorite food: Chocolate cake (He would eat a slice a day, if he could)

Favorite color: Green

Dislikes: Ladybugs (???) and tomatoes

Biggest influence: Ed Sheeran

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Favorite Starbucks drink: Iced eco-friendly tea and also caramel iced coffee

Favorite emoji: ?

Fun Facts:

1. Shawn taught self to pat guitar as soon as he was simply 13.

2. And also the etc isn't the just instrument the plays. He likewise plays the piano. Still waiting on him to serenade united state though…

3. Ed Sheeran might be among Shawn's best influences, yet Ed is additionally a fan of Shawn. Ed flew him the end to L.A. One night for dinner. What a lad!

4. Shawn would certainly DIE to collab v Eminem. Require this to happen!

5. He speak English, Spanish and French.

6. That is a massive, enormous fan of Harry Potter. He also has the wand from ever character hanging in his room. For this reason sick!

7. He yes, really enjoys cooking, for this reason he's usually the perfect boyfriend.

8. His favorite Vine he's ever before made is his "Summertime Sadness" cover, because he loves the raw emotion in that song.

9. Shawn's organized plenty the food drives to benefit Take a Bite the end Of Hunger.

10. However that's no the only amazing point he's excellent to give back to the community. He likewise partnered v because that his notes From Shawn campaign, which promotes making someone's job by leave a kind note for them — AWWWWW!!!

11. Oh, and also we can't forget to mention his #BuildASchoolWithShawn campaign. Shawn raised sufficient money to construct a new school in Shia, Ghana in simply SEVEN days.

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