There are several different varieties of street that room present and also generated within a human body such as monosaccharide, disaccharide, and polysaccharide. Several types of street are uncovered under this categories. Two such sugar molecule i m sorry is widely puzzled in basic re glucose and glycogen.

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Glucose vs Glycogen

The difference between glucose and glycogen is the glucose is highly soluble in water and also has osmotic properties whereas glycogen is poorly soluble ns nature and is non-osmotic, hence it have the right to be supplied as a equipment for save glucose in cells.


Glucose is a monosaccharide. The hatchet glucose has been obtained from the Greek term “glykos” definition sweet. That is developed by plants and algae in the procedure of photosynthesis. More glucose can be split into two natures one naturally derived (D-glucose) and also the other being synthetically do (L-glucose).

Glycogen is a branch the polysaccharide. It to represent the significant storage of glucose in ~ a body. The is mostly produced and stored in ~ the cell of lives and also skeletal muscles.Approximately 4 grams that glucose is present in the blood the a person being at a normal stage.

Comparison Table between Glucose and Glycogen

Parameter the ComparisonGlucoseGlycogenDefinitionIt is a basic sugar which is monosaccharideIt is a major carbohydrate storing type in animalsChemical formulaC6H12O6(C6H10O5)nType that CarbohydrateMonosaccharideBranched polysaccharideSolubilityHighly dissolve in waterPoorly soluble in waterOsmotic PropertiesOsmoticNon osmoticEnergy SourcePrimary power sourceSecondary energy sourcePresent inAll life beingsAnimals and fungiProvides EnergyRegular functions of the bodyActivities including the features of the main nervous systemProductionIn chloroplasts of the plantsMajorly in the liver that animals

What is Glucose?

Glucose is a kind of basic sugar. That is monomeric hexose (six-carbon sugar). The molecular formula for glucose is C6H12O6. The ax glucose has been obtained from the Greek ax “glykos” an interpretation sweet.It is the many abundantly discovered monosaccharide in the group of carbohydrates. Glucose is created by plants and also algae, during the procedure of photosynthesis the plants making use of water and also carbon dioxide, and sunlight as a source of energy in the cell walls produce carbohydrates.

Glucose is one of the most crucial sources of power for every living beings. In plants, together starch and also amylopectin glucose because that metabolism is stored as polymer, and also in the blood of the pets as blood sugar. The naturally occurring form of glucose is D-glucose conversely, the synthetically formed one is well-known as L-glucose.The molecules in glucose deserve to either occur in open-chain (acyclic) or ring kind (cyclic). Glucose is a compound the naturally forms or occurs in all living beings. In fruits or other plant parts, they occur naturally vice versa, in animals it is released breaking down glycogen with the procedure of glycogenosis.

What is Glycogen?

Glycogen is polymeric glucose. It is a multi-branched polysaccharide that glucose i m sorry serves as a warehouse energy type in animals, fungi, and bacteria. This polysaccharide structure represents the significant storage that glucose in ~ the human body within the animals, the glycogen molecules storage is bigger for extra glucose.Glycogen functions as among the two power reserves. Glycogen is because that short-term and the other type being triglyceride which shop in adipose tissues because that the lengthy term storage. In human beings, glycogen is mostly produced and also stored in ~ the cells of livers and also skeletal muscles. The quantity of glycogen the is save in one’s body relies upon the physical training, basal metabolic rate, and eating actions of the individual.

Glycogen is likewise found in several amounts in other tissues and also cells such together kidneys, red blood cells, white blood cells, and the glial cell of the brain. The uterus of a woman during pregnancy likewise stores glycogen to nourish the embryo. Around 4 grams of glucose is existing in the blood the a person being in ~ a common stage.The way glycogen is produced, every glycogen granule has its core as a glycogenin protein. Glycogen is a non-osmotic molecule, hence it can be provided as a equipment for storing glucose in cells.

Main Differences between Glucose and also Glycogen

Glucose is a an easy sugar the is a monosaccharide conversely, glycogen is a kind of storing carbohydrates largely within animals.The chemistry formula because that glucose is C6H12O6, vice versa, the chemistry formula because that glycogen is (C6H10O5)n.Glucose is a monosaccharide vice versa, glycogen is a branch that polysaccharide.Glucose as an aspect is very soluble in water. However, glycogen is poorly soluble in water.Glucose is osmotic yet on the other hand, glycogen is non-osmotic.Glucose is the primary source of energy in every living us whereas glycogen is a second source of energy.Glucose is present within all living beings. However, glycogen is current only within animals and also fungi.Glucose disclosure the regular function of the body. However, glycogen helps in tasks including the features of the main nervous system.Glucose is created in the chloroplastic of the plants whereas glycogen is majorly produced in the liver that the animals.

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There room different species of sugar that space present and generated in ~ a body. In that subcategory, 2 compounds the are uncovered in the body that room highly confused are glucose and glycogen.Glucose is a monosaccharide compound.Glucose is produced by plants and also algae, throughout the process of photosynthesis. Glycogen on the other hand is a branch that polysaccharide. It represents the significant storage of glucose in ~ the body within the animals. The is produced and stored within the cells of livers and skeletal muscles.