when reading the sentence carefully it says,"hope is a point with feathers" it"s like saying: expect is a thing choose feathers

get what i"m saying? instead of making use of a smilie favor or together they usage "with"

it would be nice enough if i acquired .

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Delegates: representatives who actors votes at a political party"s national convention. Binding: if a main or caucus is “binding” that method the delegates winner in that challenge are legally bound to vote for a specific candidate at the parties nationwide convention.a primary is a preliminary election supplied to identify a party"s nominee because that a details office. The winner the the party"s caucus, or primary, wins the party nomination for that state. Then the delegates accomplish at your party"s national party convention, i m sorry is a formal collection of every party delegates from every states.



Melinda is reading a story that has several characters. The character chloe is defined in great detail and has several distinctive traits. What type of personality is chloe
Select the correct message in the passage. In richard connell"s short story "the most dangerous game," zaroffs aristocratic appearance and also dignified courtesy mask his sinister, animalistic nature. Which heat from the excerpt best provides a glimpse right into his true nature? rainsford"s very first impression was that the man was singularly handsome; his second was the there was an original, practically bizarre quality about the general"s face. He to be a tall guy past center age, because that his hair was a lively white; yet his special eyebrows and also pointed army mustache were as black as the night from which rainsford had come. His eyes, too, were black and really bright. He had high cheekbones, a sharpcut nose, a spare, dark face-the confront of a male used to providing orders, the face of one aristocrat. Turning to the gigantic in uniform, the general made a sign. The huge put far his pistol, saluted, withdrew. "ivan is an incredibly strong fellow," remarked the general, "but he has the misfortune to be deaf and dumb. A an easy fellow, but, i"m afraid, choose all his race, a bit of a savage." "is the russian? " "he is a cossack," stated the general, and his smile showed red lips and also pointed teeth. "so am i." fifty percent apologetically general zaroff said, "we carry out our finest to keep the amenities of human being here. Forgive any type of lapses. We room well turn off the win track, you know." laughter shook the general. "how extremely droll friend are! " the said. "one walk not mean nowadays to discover a young man of the educated class, even in america, through such a naive, and, if i may say so, mid-victorian suggest of view. It"s favor finding a snuffbox in a limousine. Ah, well, certain you
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Explain what the text claims explicitly. Reread i 2 the "civil peace." what go this i reveal around jonathan and also his family"s circumstances? cite textual proof to support your response.