A 1.547 -g sample that blue copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate, $mathrmCuSO_4 cdot 5 mathrmH_2 mathrmO,$ is heated very closely to journey off the water. The white crystals the $mathrmCuSO_4$ that room left behind have a mass of $0.989 mathrm~g$. How many moles the $mathrmH_2 mathrmO$ were in the original sample? display that the relative molar amounts of $mathrmCuSO_4$ and $mathrmH_2 mathrmO$ agree with the formula of the hydrate.

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in this question. The number of modes that copper sulfate and water need to be calculated and also the consistency of deserted formula need to be explained blast turn off of copper sulfate is offered zero point 98 night. Yeah. And much more Armas oh components are fake is amounts to two atomic mass of for part 8 63.55 grand five more very first atomic mass of South woodland a 2.6 ground for more. This pour right into atomic fixed of oxygen. 16 part. Because of this this is a close come one 59.61 g component more. No variety of moles that a an individual faith is equates to to massive of copper sulfate split by ethical mass the myself. This is a close to mass is offered that is 0.989 trump divided by much more must 1 59 0.61 g five much more equals two. Do you know point. Carry out you know, execute you recognize 61 96 What go the number of much more of a ideal survey that is existing in 1.547 g of straightforward is 0.6196 more. Currently we have to calculate the massive of water. As such mass that water. Yes amounts to two. Mass of water. Deserve to be obtained by individually mass that copper sulfate from enormous given straightforward myself Given basic is 1.54 7 gras minus offered mass of copper sulfate 80.98 nine. So this is same to zero suggest right right. Eight yes mama's of water. Yeah. Is equal stew two and two atom mass that water. 1.8 grandpa more. This atomic mass that oxygen. 16 grandpa more. This is same to 18.2 grandpa more. No number of most the water is equates to to mass. If us did what I must of what to be to smarts is 0.55 eight. Yeah. Divided by moral mass 18 While we look come grandpa more so this is same to 0.30 96 Yeah the the mole of water that is present in 1.547 g of simple is 0.3 096 more. Now we have to calculate more ratio of copper sulfate and water the is present in 1.547 g that simple. Therefore much more of that course space fake. One much more of water so equates to two. Shopping center of personal faith is 0.61 0.61 96 more. The waited by mole that water, joe pine. You know C zero 96 What? as such this is a close come one divided by fight. Therefore the much more this year the proportional food and also water that is current in 1.547 gramoxone police.

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One is two fight, and the molecule formula is continual with see you and also so forth. God right is to walk.