If a polygon is convex, then the amount of the actions of the exterior angles, one at every vertex, is 360 ° . take into consideration the amount of the steps of the exterior angles for one n -gon.

The amount of the steps of the exterior angle is the difference between the amount of measures of the direct pairs and also the amount of steps of the internal angles.

that is, the amount of the exterior angle n is

N = 180 n − 180 ( n − 2 )

distribution 180 .

N = 180 n − 180 n + 360             = 360



m ∠ 1 + m ∠ 2 + m ∠ 3 + m ∠ 4 + m ∠ 5 = 360 °

(In the situation of a non-convex polygon, you might need to take into consideration some the the exterior angle as negative values.)

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