This snapshot of Willie, Patton’s dog, was taken a few days after ~ the General’s death as preparations were made to send home his effects. Cartoonist invoice Mauldin describing the moment: “Beside him, lied in a huge chair was Willie, the bull terrier. If ever dog to be suited to master this one was. Willie had his beloved boss’s expression and also lacked just the ribbons and stars. Ns stood in the door staring into the four meanest eyes I’d ever before seen”.

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Considered one of the most successful combat generals in U.S. History, general George S. Patton to be a dedicated dog lover. While leading troops during human being War II, Patton to be looking to obtain an English bull terrier puppy. The dog to be originally named ‘Punch’ and the story was the he was the pet of one RAF pilot who sometimes took ‘Punch’ on bombing missions. Once the pilot did no return indigenous a mission, his wife offered the dog.


Willie adhering to Patton as he beginning his Headquarters at Luxembourg.

Patton’s employee purchased Willie on march 4, 1944, in England, and Gen. Patton composed in his diary worrying the dog: “My bull pup required to me like a duck to water. The is 15 months old, pure white except for a tiny lemin ~ above his tail, which come a cursory glance would certainly seem to indicate that he had not offered toilet paper…”. He named him Willie, however not ~ “William the Conqueror” together the movie “Patton” suggested. The dog was called after a young boy that Patton had met during the Depression that ate his fill for the very first time at a BBQ Patton to be hosting.

Willie was well-known to follow Patton everywhere, and the two were seldom separated while in England. According to part accounts, Willie would go into a room and also alert soldiers in there that Patton to be on his way. When Patton was traveling through Europe, fighting the war and sleeping in his cell phone van, Willie would certainly sleep there with him.

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Patton had actually G.I. Dog tags created Willie and once held a birthday party for his “second in command”. He indulged his dog’s every whim until December that ’45, once Patton passed away from injuries sustained in auto accident in Germany. Willie to be sent home to live out the remainder of his life together the lovely dog the a fallen warrior v the General’s wife and daughters. He died in 1955 and also is buried in an there was no sign grave (with other family pets) by a stone wall top top the property, which is still own by the Patton Family.