Can someone external a Soldiers chain that command concern a professional advance counseling? The FM 6-22 and also the counseling kind use the term "leader" together the one giving the counseling. What is the an interpretation of leader per military Doctrine through regard to counseling...really need this information as this case is turning into other it should not.

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Short Answer: Absolutely!


Regarding this concerns include but are not restricted to: : ADP/ADRP/ 6-22, ATP 6-22.1, FM 7-22.7, and the Military manual for Courts-Martial/UCMJ.

Definition of Leader with Regard come Counseling Session

As characterized by ADP 6-22 navard 1: Army leader– Anyone that by virtue that assumed role or assigned obligation inspires and influences people to achieve organizational goals. Military leaders motivate world both inside and outside the chain the command to seek actions, emphasis thinking and also shape decisions because that the greater good of the organization. – navard 1 ADP 6-22

Counseling Answer:

Yes, any type of leader in ~ or exterior to the chain deserve to conduct a counseling session through a Soldier. However when you are not in the Soldier’s direct Chain that Command because that example- Squadleader, PLT LDR, CO CDR, BN CDR, BDE CDR, DIV CDR or NCO support Channel: formation Leader, PLT SGT, 1SG, CSM, etc. The concern can come to be emotional.

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SSG Schuette
Friday, 2 March, 2018 at 19:48

Thank you because that this fantastic advice. The is very particular to the current instance I am handle with. I fully intend to move forward v this concern as advised from this site.

Thank you,

SSG Schuette


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