an era of rapid commercial growth, particularly in the North and West, from the 1870s to 1900. This attracted countless immigrants; however, plenty of remained poor and there to be political and economic inequality. Railroads and factory systems ended up being important, and also labor unions to defend workers" rights. The southern was economically ravaged from the polite War, and also blacks in the southern were stripped of politics power and also social mobility.

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a party organization, top by a solitary boss or tiny autocratic group, that commands enough votes to maintain political and administrative manage of a city, county, or state. The machine responds come the difficulties of individual neighbourhoods, or also families, in exchange for loyalty at the polls. The primary goal the a political machine is keeping itself in power.
the most well known political device located in new York which dominated Democratic party politics in the late 19th century, endured until the 20th, and is keenly connected with corruption.
the boss of Tammany Hall, a democratic Party political machine. He was convicted of stealing a big amount that money from brand-new York City taxpayers through political corruption.
Major shareholder in the Union Pacific Railroad created a company, the Crédit Mobilier that America, and gave it contracts to develop the railroad. They marketed or offered shares in this building and construction to prominent congressmen... assisted themselves by granting federal subsidies for the price of railroad construction without paying much attention to expenses, allowing railroad builders to make large profits.
John McDonald, a Grant management official, assisted distillers mitigate their counting by deliberately undercounting the number of kegs the booze.
this act developed a merit mechanism for 10% of commonwealth employees, who were liked by competitive examination quite than political favoritism.
this action forbade combinations and also practices that restrained trade. That was nearly impossible come enforce this versus the monopolies.
racial distinction state and also local legislations enacted after the Reconstruction duration in southern United states that ongoing in force until 1965.
a farmers" activity in the 1870s come put pressure on state federal governments to develop fair rail rates and warehouse charges.
a farmers" motion that thrust for economic teamwork to advanced prices, yet was split into Northern and Southern wings. The greatest idea to come the end of the farmers Alliance to be the subtreasury plan.
a revolt by farmer in the South and Midwest against the Democratic and also Republican Parties because that ignoring your interests and difficulties...The Party called upon the federal government to buffer financial depressions, manage banks and also corporations, and help farmers that were suffering hard times.
a Democratic and also Populist leader. The orgasm of Bryan"s job was certainly the 1896 presidential campaign. In ~ the democratic convention in Chicago, his famed "Cross that Gold" speech won him the nomination. The concluding episode of his life was the famous Scopes psychological in July 1925.

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a trial of a teacher in Tennessee for teaching the concept of advancement in violation the state regulation with eminent lawyers on both political parties — wilhelm Jennings Bryan because that the prosecution and also Clarence Darrow for the defense.