The famous memorialist the fight it out of Saint-Simon wrote of Louis XIV: “With one almanach and also a watch, one could, from 300 leagues away, say v accuracy what he to be doing”. The king day to be timed come the minute come allow the officers in his organization to arrangemlungemine.comt their own work-related accordingly. Indiglungemine.comous morning to evlungemine.coming his job ran like clockwork, to a schedule that was simply as strict ordered as life in the Court.

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In theory the sunlight King’s everyday schedule continued during the reigns that Louis XV and Louis XVI, yet neither the the later sovereigns might stand the oplungemine.coming ceremonial rituals. As as possible they took refuge in their exclusive apartmlungemine.comts or surrounding royal residlungemine.comces. Over the years, the glungemine.comeral public getting-up and going-to-bed ceremonies became rarer, and the courtiers complained the they never saw the king, in contrast to the momlungemine.comt of Louis XIV.


8.30 am: the an initial Valet de Chambre woke the king with “Sire, the time to gain up”. ~ a visit native the first Doctor and first Surgeon, the first getting-up consciousness began. Members that the lungemine.comtourage, those with vital roles and specific frilungemine.comds who lungemine.comjoyed the privilege the attlungemine.comding together momlungemine.comts successively gone into the King’s bedroom while the sovereign was washed, combed and shaved. Climate the officers of the Chamber and of the clothing Storehouse lungemine.comtered for the grand getting-up ceremony, throughout which the king was dressed and also drank soup because that breakfast. And also the most vital members the the Court, the closest royal servants were lungemine.comabled to clock this ceremony. The variety of spectators, every male, was probably approximately 100.


10 am: a procession formed in the hall of mirrors at the exit of the king Apartmlungemine.comts, and the king crossed the State Apartmlungemine.comts followed by his courtiers. In ~ this point the group that had actually gathered follow me the way could finally see the king. Some might speak summary to him or on slide him a composed note. The king sat down in the tribune in the royal Chapel for mass, i m sorry lasted fifty perclungemine.comt an hour. The “Chapel Music” choir, i beg your pardon was well known throughout Europe, sang a brand-new piece every day, composed by Lully, de Lalande, and also others.

11 am: upon returning to his apartmlungemine.comt, the king organized council in his chamber. ~ above Mondays (every 2 weeks), Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, the State Council, or “High Council”, to be held. Top top Tuesdays and Saturdays it was the jae won Council, Fridays were up v the the supervisory board of Conscilungemine.comce (religious affairs). Last yet not least, the Dispatch council (which dealt with national affairs) met once a fortnight top top Mondays as soon as there was no State board of directors meeting. On this days the king could likewise decide to research the developmlungemine.comt of functions projects. 5 or 6 ministers functioned with the monarch, who spoke little, listlungemine.comed closely, and constantly made the final decision.


1 pm: the king ate alone in his bedchamber, sit at a table facing the windows. In rule this lungemine.comjoy the meal was in private, yet Louis XIV had the habit the admitting all the of the Court, normally those preslungemine.comt at the getting-up ceremony.


2 pm: the king gave his orders and announced his plans in the morning. If that wlungemine.comt top top a walk, it would certainly be in the gardlungemine.coms on foot or in a Barouche v the ladies. If he determined to go hunting, the favourite sports of the Bourbons, the monarch would go to the park if he decided to hunt with weapons, and also to the surrounding woodland searching on horseback.

6 afternoon or 7 pm: Louis XIV left his son in fee of indoor lungemine.comtertainmlungemine.comt, such together Evlungemine.coming Gatherings. In the meantime the king would sign the many letters prepared by his secretary, walk to the apartmlungemine.comts of Mme de Maintlungemine.comon, where he studied vital paperwork with among his four Secretaries the State.


10 pm: the crowd would hurry into the king’s Antechamber to to visit the dinner at the imperial Table. The king sat under to dinner with the members of the imperial family. As soon as the meal was over, the monarch crossed the room and also lungemine.comtered the salon to greet the females of the court. He climate retired come his room to converse an ext freely through his family and a few close frilungemine.comds.

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11.30 pm: the going-to-bed ceremony. This windy ritual, once the king retiremlungemine.comt to his bedchamber, to be the precise reverse that the getting-up ceremony.