In ‘Charlie St. Cloud’, Zac Efron theatre the titular character that refuses to provide up top top his brothers after he loses him in a car accident. Once Charlie learns that he have the right to still satisfy the ghost the his deceased brother Sam, he choose up a project at a cemetery and also dedicates his life to maintaining all the promises that he had made once Sam was still alive. However then one day, a girl called Tess comes right into his life and starts an altering everything. She not only makes him loss in love yet helps him accept and also get over Sam’s death.

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That gift said, if you’ve watched the film, you’ll recognize that its supernatural melodrama is an extremely well complemented by its stunning seaside locations. Therefore if you’re looking for a in-depth guide to its filming locations, we have you spanned in the article below.

Charlie St. Cloud Filming Locations


The preproduction that ‘Charlie St. Cloud’ commenced in march 2009, and following this, the movie’s primary photography was initiated in July 2009. ‘Charlie St. Cloud’ is inspired by a book of the exact same name and according come the author of the book, Ben Sherwood, the filmmakers initially had their eyes set on Marblehead, Massachusetts, due to the fact that that is the ar which motivated the story in the first place. However later, because for financial reasons, the movie to be filmed in British Columbia, Cannada.

Vancouver, brother Columbia

In July 2009, Zac Efron was spotted in Vancouver, brother Columbia. As you may recall, there’s a scene at the start of the film whereby Zac Efron’s character, Charlie, graduates indigenous Winslow High School. This scene was filmed in Seycove second School, 1204 Caledonia Ave, phibìc Vancouver. The film’s action begins once Charlie it s okay in a car accident with his brother. This vehicle crash scene to be filmed at 128th Street & Old Yale Road, Surrey. After the life-altering accident, Charlie starts working at a cemetery. Every the scenes portraying the cemetery in the movie were filmed North Vancouver Cemetery, Lillooet Road, north Vancouver. Charlie’s tiny cottage close to the cemetery in the movie is located at Minaty Bay, brother Columbia.

Apart from all the locations mentioned above, various other filming places of the movie incorporate Eagle harbor Yacht Club, 5750 Eagle Harbour Rd, West Vancouverwhich is the location where the beforehand sailing scene of the movie were shot and Molly’s Reach, 647 college Road, Gibsonsis whereby the restaurant scene of the movie to be filmed. A couple of scenes of the movie were also shot in Grebe Islets, higher Vancouver and also Friday Harbor, Washington, USA, and the street scenes displayed in the movie were mostly filmed in Richmond, brother Columbia, Canada.

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In late October, Zan Efron covering his scenes in the movie, and also on October 22, 2009, the primary photography that the movie pertained to an end.

Here’s a picture of Zac Efron in ~ the sets of the movie:

Here’s one more one where he’s look at filming the final rescue scene:

Unfffff. To be this once they to be filming the scene in Charlie St. Cloud?